January 12, 2008

Alison Tyler Goes Back to School

You know I'm a drop-out. I'm pretty open about my (oh my god, so fucking miserable) University experiences. All of them. So you'll be thrilled to hear that I'm going back to school. At least, my words are. Two different college professors (so far!) have used my ten reasons why I didn’t choose your story for my book! I'm beside myself. Truly.


P.S. Art is from the amazing John Clark again.


Just Craig said...

From one drop-out to another, congratulations!

That's quite cool, and of course, well deserved. Loved that post.

Jeremy Edwards said...


And the John Clark art is very cool! Sort of like Warhol meets Tom Phillips's Humument.

kristina lloyd said...

If I was a college prof, I would use your 10 reasons too. It was the brilliantest post. However, I'm not a prof - so instead I just walk around town going 'Haha! Goat! Goat!'

If I get locked up, I'm blaming you.

Smut Girl said...

I'm a drop-out too. I think I am three...six...credits short of a full-blown degree? Isn't that disgusting? Maybe if they had given me handouts featuring Alison Tyler...I would have that nice framed paper telling me I'm legit.

p.s. No...really. Where was the smut in college?? :)

Alison Tyler said...

I'll bail you out, KL. I promise. :)

And yes, Sommer. You're disgusting. No, wait. That's not what you said, was it? But now everyone must go and look at your blog, because you have a photo of your desk, and all of my readers are just as nosy as I am!


angell said...

WOOOO -it was a fabulous post. Quite entertaining and educational.


Anonymous said...

Ha, AT! Have I told you lately you are something else?
It will be my pleasure. Everything to keep students from growing spider webs in their minds while in my classes. Not to mention I'll sure get you new readers. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, so let me get this straight -- these are college professors who read your blog? Your naughty, bondage-themed, sex-filled blog?

What wouldn't I give to be taught by someone like that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your comment was quite a compliment and filled me with inspiration. Besides, when would I fancy getting a compliment in the spot where glorious AT lights the stage? You've made my day!