February 03, 2008

All the Pretty Karma

Someone (okay, it was Sommer) said I have pretty karma. Why? Because I keep promoting ETSY artists. I started using art from ETSY after the Cease & Desist letter back in December (and I check with each artist for approval). So far, none have denied me. In fact, most people have been excited to see their work on the blog.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about karma lately.

When I first started out, everything I sold was over the transom. I was plucked from the slush each time. But along the way, I’ve had boosts up. My editor at Playgirl was the one to introduce me to the publisher at Masquerade. Based on the stories I’d penned for Playgirl, he thought I was too light-hearted for his lines. My editor fought for him to give me a try. My first novel, The Blue Rose, sold more than 10,000 copies. I went on to do a dozen books with Masquerade. Without the boost, that wouldn’t have happened.

Through Masquerade, I met Thomas S. Roche. Thomas worked at Good Vibrations and asked me for stories for the GV magazine, introducing my work to Violet Blue. Violet liked my style, and she slipped my stories into her collections.

Once upon a time, I had a book called The Tent. Very simple text: Ed led Nan to the tent. Nan led Joe to the tent. Joe led Bill to the tent.

That’s most of my career in a nutshell.

When one of my best friends became a Born Again, her new buddies told her that she couldn’t associate with me anymore. They explained that it was as if she were on a chair and I was on the ground. It would be easier for me to pull her down than for her to pull me up.

I’m mixing my metaphors and adding salt to my similes.
But I think about that image almost every day.

What’s my goal? To lead others to the tent. I mean to porn. I mean, to give the same type of boost I’ve had myself. (This is why I try to be “linktastic,” as Nikki said.) Why? Because I want to have all the pretty karma for myself. I mean, because I think that’s the way the world should work.

If you’re on a chair, you’re supposed to put your hand down and help people up.


P.S. And you? How about you? Do you believe?
P.P.S. Talk about Karma—CarolLeeDesigns, the creator of the Karma Called card, is going to give away one of her cards to a commenter today! I am in love with these cards. Seriously. I want this one and this one....


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, for leading me to the tent.
I have never felt happier or been more relaxed about who I am and what I do.
As usual, when it is really important...words fail me.
Thank you doesn't cover it nor would the thesaurus help convey the intensity of emotion.
Thank you Alison Tyler for giving me a hand up.
You deserve all the pretty karma your life can hold.

Jeremy Edwards said...

You definitely epitomize the "linktastic" values of the erotic writing community! One of the reasons I finally got a blogspot blog was because I was inspired by all the linktastic boosting and boost-tastic linking that people like you do.

Janine Ashbless said...

Your generosity is lovely Alison, and marks you out in a world where so many are only out for themselves. Go pretty karma!

Alison Tyler said...

Ha! Thank you! You can all come to my tent!

I have to say, I love Karma stories. I was at a 16th birthday once (all right, I was 16 at the time), and one of the guests had given 16 lottery tickets as a present. A sullen guest whispered to the gift giver, "But what if she wins? Won't you feel bad?"

The giver was really baffled and sort of stammered, "Um, no. I hope she does win."

I thought that was hysterical. Like you'd spend the $16 bucks, but hope your friend lost.


Raven said...

Your BA friend's reaction struck me more than the karma part. The chasm between many people who participate in organized religion and the sex-positive/kink communities frustrates me so sometimes (typed as we're getting ready to go to church, then a Super Bowl party at the home of friends who would definitely see us as needing to be left down in the mud if they knew of our kinks)

Here's to the tent... sex-positive tent revival this morning? ;-)


Shanna Germain said...

This is a beautiful and brilliant post, A. Thank you. Such a great reminder--I'm so grateful for all those who reached their hands down and helped me up. Not just for writing, but for life as well. I wouldn't be here without all those people.

And may I never stop reaching down (or, really -- across) to others.

Pretty karma. Such a beautiful thing.

Best, s.

Smut Girl said...

I'm just here to soak up all the pretty karma. And cause I like tents...

Alison Tyler said...

And may I never stop reaching down (or, really -- across) to others.

I like that much better—across. So then we're all up on chairs. Except, I'm such a klutz, I'm guessing that I'll fall off mine any minute. Maybe we should be up on step stools instead. Hmmm. Make that barstools.

Shanna, will you mix us all drinks?


Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm concerned that if we mix drinking with "reaching across," we might all start accidentally groping each other, as we attempt to claim our drinks at this crowded bar.

Sorry: Not "concerned"; um, what's that other word ... Oh yes: hopeful.

Shanna Germain said...


How about a karma sutra cocktail? (And really, could you get more naughty words in a single drink name?)

Ingredients :
- 1 oz cognac
- 1 oz blue curacao liqueur
- 1 oz orange juice

Shake Well With Ice And Strain Into Chilled Martini glass

Dakota Rebel said...

If I don't stop going to Etsy.com I am going to be bankrupt. Thank you for introducing such great artists to us. There is some amazing talent out there. Have you seen the SweetHeartSinner collection? If not I think you should check her out too. She rocks. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=88844

Sorry, too lazy to post actual link. But if you copy and paste you won't be sorry. I spent a fortune there yesterday. And I haven't even bought everything I want yet.

And now I want Hate Mail too. Lots of it. I want to buy them and send them to everyone. What a cute concept.


Alison Tyler said...

Dakota! I have seen SweetheartSinner—I used one on our Sex and Candy Blogspot.com!

Too cool!


P.S. Thanks for the cocktail, Shanna! And, Jeremy, excuse my reach.

t'Sade said...

I will full admit, in the path of spirtuality, I have gone the path least traveled, mainly because I did it alone. I do feel that you are climbing up a rocky path in that path. I'll ignore the whole "friends tell you what to do" because there is a limit of how much someone can help you on your path.

But, it is like a being on a chair. Well, for me the image was always on a rocky outcropping but I like hiking more than standing in chairs (being tied in chairs, different story). And, there is this fear of being pulled down, but you know what?

If you help someone up, then you have someone on the path with you.

And, it isn't like breaking bones when you fall on the path. You already know how to get up again, so why fear falling down when you already know how to get back up on your place.

I always believe there are people who chose to stand there on the rock, with one hand down instead of going on down the path. They sit there just to help the people who want to stop trudging along the asphalt path and to look up in the mountains, to actually want to find their own path.

I think my desires to review people are the same way. I like to see how they write and I tell people about what I like and why. Just as I say things that I don't like, and pretty much why. I answer questions and ask.

Of course, I'm not on higher path as you, to use the metaphor, but I'm taking my time to get up the paths of erotica and over on that huge mountain range over there, mainstream fantasy.

jothemama said...

Love the mixed drinks and metaphors and karmic groping going on at the party today.

That's a strange Born Again story. We don't try to lift up the ground, we are rooted to it, born out of it. Colour me judgemental, but - Idiots!

Heh, heh, I would like my friend to win the lottery with my birthday tickets because then she would share a little of her winnings with me! I was going ot do a blog post abotu why I deserve to win the lottery as I'd do great things with the money and my friend was shocked, because she says we all do. I still don't really see her point! :)

Isabel Kerr said...

beautiful karma, all of you, specially you Alison. And if we all land in a pile on the floor Jeremy!?!

Where's the tent then?

I'm a born again sexian, or would that be sexevangelist. ;-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

And if we all land in a pile on the floor Jeremy!?!

Where's the tent then?

Probably in my trousers.

angell said...

I am a faithful follower of the tent. I love it in here.

Alison, you ended with the most beautifuls statement. And you're one of the best at helping us out. Whether you're making us better (and braver) writers, or just helping us widen our horizons, you're a generous benefactor.

Alison Tyler said...

Jeremy, you cad! You just made me laugh so hard I spilled my Karma Sutra Cocktail all over Kristina!

Sorry about that, KL.


Isabel Kerr said...


Jeremy you're so easy. :)

One other thought before I go back to my hiding place.

Whether one is into spanking or any other form of socially divergent lifestyle, Alison has given us the courage and example to be true to one's self, devil take the hindmost.
Thanks Alison

Bottoms up

(thanks for the cocktail Shanna)

Nikki Magennis said...

Damnit, I went to the post office and missed the karma pyjama party!

Hope you don't mind me calling you linktastic, AT. It was meant in a very admirous way. Is admirous a word? Well, grateful then. Yes, that's the one. : )

Alison Tyler said...

God, I love the word, Nikki. I am. I am linktastic! Some day, I'll do a post with each word hot-linked. It will be the linktasticist post ever. (Or is there another k in that?)


Kristina Wright said...

I am always impressed by the pretty karma generated among the writers and editors I've had the privilege to work with over the years. It's a stellar group and I appreciate the hand up you have given me. (Though perhaps someday you'll add me to your blog roll so you have two Kristinas? :) )

Thanks for all you do, Alison.

Alison Tyler said...

Two Kristinas? Two Kristinas!?! I don't think I can handle two! You'll have to mud wrestle to see which one I'll keep in my blogroll. I'm thinking Jeremy will sell tickets.

Ah, well. I'll just nudge Lisabet down a seat. I'm sure she won't mind.


kristina wright said...

My philosophy is "make love, not war." Hopefully Kristina feels the same way. However, I might be willing to wrestle in whipped cream... mud is just so... muddy. :)

Thanks, Alison!

kristina lloyd said...

Actually, I'm quite partial to war and mud but there's usually a David Beckham angle to it. Hey, maybe we could have a Kristina Right and Rong contest! I *would* suggest we toss for it but, uh, seems my dress is already stained.

Lovely post, AT. And thank you for being so handy!

Alison Tyler said...

And thank you for being so handy!

Somehow, that sounds rather dirty. Or maybe it's just my vision of you and David Beckham.

In mud.