February 07, 2008


My first writer crush was William Kennedy. I wanted to go to college in Albany, I swear, to take classes from him. Albany. Crazy. Right? I mean, I'm such a California girl. One day of rain, and I'm miserable. Can you imagine me wintering in Albany? I actually met him on my birthday in London one year, and I have a signed book to prove it. Legs is my favorite. If you haven’t read it, do.

Over the years, I’ve harbored a slew of writer crushes: Daniel Odier who, under the pen name Delacorte, wrote Diva (and Luna, Nana, Lola, Vida, Alba...), Roddy Doyle (The Snapper remains one of my all-time favorite books). Dashiell Hammett. Raymond Chandler. Nick Hornby.

The funny part is that I didn’t really identify the sensations as being akin to a crush. I didn’t understand how one could just go gaga over someone else’s words. That sounds lame. Jesus. (I've been, um, drinking. Can you tell?) But I mean, here I am. I used to sleep with a copy of Tex. Not a teddy bear. Not a special blankie. A book. I wear my books out. My favorites are battered and waterlogged. One will always travel in my suitcase as my talisman, my good luck charm.

Only recently, though, did I realize that I crush on writers.
On their words. You know? Of course, you do.

Lately, it's John Albert, who wrote Wrecking Crew, and Stephen Elliott. And I have to say, I’m in this giddy place right now, because Stephen has been in one of my books—Love At First Sting—and I’ve been in one of his—Sex for America. I feel like the little porn lightweight in the sea of real writers: Jerry Stahl, Jonathan Ames, James Frey…

And John Albert? He just sent me the answers to my interview questions for the Trollop Salon, and I am in awe once more.

How about you?
Who do you crush on?


P.S. Oh, my god. I love ETSY. This card is by K is for Katie—is that not perfect?


curious creature said...

Interesting topic... Growing up I never had crushes on movie stars (or writers like you talked about.) Even if I was excited/arroused/intrigued by their work they always seemed "other". My crushes have always been people I've encountered in the flesh. It could be anyone from someone at my work to someone I exchange glances with at my metro station. I don't know, something about that face to face, or brush of a hand, I found could easily spark a crush with a chance encounter I never actually talked to.

Janine Ashbless said...

Alan Moore. And that was even before he took the plunge into erotica with Lost Girls. He is just the best bloody wordsmith ever. And so clever. And just a little bit freaky.

Alison Tyler said...

I've seen Lost Girls. Very cool...

Oooh, and I do know about crushing on strangers. I wrote a story called "Yeah" about that. It's around here, somewhere.

Ah, here it is.


Anonymous said...

My crushes lately have been men with marvelous voices, radio voices, I guess you could call them.
But more than that, they notice how I react to them, to their words, and they use that reaction to further their own goals.
I crush mightily on men who understand and manipulate my mind.

Dakota Rebel said...

Wow, what a timely post. I think I was actually watching The Secretary while you were typing this. And my crush was growing...and growing...and growing. Though, not on James Spader, who was delicious in this movie, but in the man at work that I would like to have do this to me. All I could think while watching it was "Huh, he has a desk. I could bend over that for him every time I screwed up." And I believe, that would he give me the nod, I would probably screw up on purpose for this wonderful punishment as she did in the movie. And I am at work right now, and every time I have seen him today I blush a little harder. *sigh Crushes are fun.


angell said...

Well, truthfully I've been crushing on some lusties lately....(ahem - Ali, Dayle, you guys reading this - well of course Ali is). But I tend to crush on words that are sung -doesn't matter who the singer is.

Lately I'm crushing on Freddie Mercury (and yes I KNOW he's dead). :P I love words, but combine them with a melody and it near melts me to the core.

Lindsay said...

I took Sage Vivant's quiz and sure enough, I'm the "Name Dropper". I've had crushes long before I should have had them. Earliest crush and still a big one for me: Sting! I think he took the place of all of my English teachers. Most of my crushes have been musicians, including Freddie Mercury and Michael Hutchence, so you're not alone Angell.