March 20, 2008

In the lonely hours

I'm drinking wine and trying to organize the manuscript for Hurts So Good, while preparing myself to proof Open for Business, when all I really want to be doing is jumping onto the next project. Yes, I have that grass-is-always-greener-itis once more. There is no known cure, as far as I can tell. Well, perhaps if I were more Zen. If I truly understood that live-in-the-moment concept.

I don't know which moment I live in, but I think it's generally past or future. Or maybe I live in other people's moments. I received an email from Stephen Elliott once that described what he was in the middle of doing. The situation was so sexy and surreal, I think I lived in his moment for days!

I said I was drinking wine, right? My mind works differently when I'm drinking. Not slower, necessarily. I simply slide from thought to thought with fewer segues. I'm supposed to be plotting a novel, too. Plotting is difficult for me. My characters generally take me where they want to go regardless of what I've planned out for them. Often, the stubborn chicas wind up in the last places I want them to. I'm always surprised by how things turn out in my own books. (That's probably not a great concept to admit. But it's true.) Then again, I'm surprised by my own life, too. I have fallen into so many situations without a moment's planning.

That said, I'm an expert packer.
You should see my suitcase.


P.S. Love the lovely John Clark print!


kiki said...

ahhhhh, someone else who is up...
i love the new picture. i'd love something cool and refreshing to drink...a mint julep perhaps...

Alison Tyler said...

The people who think you only exist in my head will now think I have completely lost all of my marbles.


Shanna Germain said...

How to do I get that man to write ME an email like that? I could live in something like that for weeks!

Best, s.

Stephen Elliott said...

I have to find the sexy email I sent you. Also, plots are just situations, the story happens inside the character, along the way. Or at least I think that's true. And Vivian Gornick agrees with me (actually, I agree with her).