March 21, 2008

Out Practicing Her Single Tail

Sweet Stephen Elliott says I can publish the email I mentioned here. You know, the sexy and surreal one.

"Sure. My week's good. I'm in some person's house in West Los Angeles. I've just met her. She's out back practicing her single tail with her live-in slave boyfriend. I'm chilling out in the living room. There's all these weird crosses on the wall. We had Subway for lunch. How do I find myself in these places?"

The sexy part? Um well, all of it. I must have spent weeks mentally decorating that living room. Envisioning different crosses. Picturing what the back yard might look like. The surreal part? "We had Subway for lunch." I just cracked up when I read that line. (It's how I found the email in my files. By searching for Subway.)

Oh, and just FYI:

The First Choice of Masters World Wide.

A single tail has long been the first choice of "Indoor Players" everywhere. I make this whip Stiff enough that you will have no trouble using it for the "Degan" style. And for you whip people out there that want a very flexible whip. These whips break in so smooth and flexible that they roll out in a perfectly straight line. Just ask anyone who owns one of my single tails and I am sure they will tell you they are a joy to throw. Imagine ... the hours of pleasure this beauty will bring you.


P.S. I'm going to do a fresh Lipstick post this weekend, with snippets from the book, so stay tuned.


Saskia Walker said...

LOL! Love that.

Alison Tyler said...

I think everyone should send me email updates of what they're doing. Or maybe little PDFs of their electronic calendars. Then I could slip into voyeuristic fantasyland any time I want.

What's Saskia doing right now?
Oooh, she's have tea with Wendy!

Where isKristina Lloyd? She's out asking for trouble.

I was on the receiving end once of an email intended for someone else. The email mentioned me. Luckily, it was a nice one. I told the sender he should simply add me to his BCC list on every email.

Of course, I'd *really* never get anything done then.