May 07, 2008

Forum Loves Me...

I mean, Forum UK loves E. E Is for Exotic, that is. Exceptionally swell Kristina Lloyd emailed me a snippet from the review:

E Is for Exotic proves that erotica can come in infinitely more exciting combinations than the obvious tropical beach cliché. .... E Is for Exotic spans the earth to titillate us with tales of sexual depravity that are all equally exotic and sexy as hell. .... It's not just sun-drenched beaches or balmy summer locations that really inspire lustful encounters. You can be anywhere in the world to conjure up erotic passions worthy of putting pen to paper. Better still, read this lovely book and you can get hot and heavy in all corners of the earth from the comfort of your own bedroom."

Once I have the whole review, I will post. I am so pleased that the reviewer understood my goal. I wanted to show that mind-blowing sex can happen anywhere—from a bus to Vegas to a muddy field in Essex. (God, it was Essex, right Mat?)


P.S. More vices to share? Seems people are choosing sour over sweet, and Scotch over soda, and spankings over everything... Am I right?


Jeremy Edwards said...

God, it was Essex, right Mat?

If it was a threesome story, perhaps it was Middlesex.

(All right, all right, I'm sorry—that joke is probably as old as Chaucer.)

Kudos on the Essexcellent review!!

Alison Tyler said...

You're very funny, Jeremy. I'm sure Chaucer would be proud.