June 05, 2008

F is for Fabulous Review

This deliriously sexy best-selling UK Erotic Author served up the latest copy of UK Forum, which features a review of F Is for Fetish. The type of review that editors live for. Here, let me share the opening:

Of the entire alphabetised collection of gorgeously saucy short stories... I had a feeling the letter F would be the most infectious, not to mention culturally specific to Forum readers, and I wasn't wrong. You might consider your niche fetish to be particularly unique, or even a little bit obscure, but you ain't seen nothing yet. In F Is for Fetish, once again Alison Tyler wows us with some wonderful tales, ranging from the hilarious to the downright bizarre, which will no doubt get your fetish juices flowing.

Want more?



EllaRegina said...

Please -- more, more!!!

and Congratulations!!

EllaRegina said...

I like "The International Journal of Human Relations." It sounds like they're an offshoot of the UN. If only!

kiki said...

this is fucking FABULOUS (see me staying with the FFFFFFFs?)!!
*(f)beam* (the f is silent)

Neve Black said...

F is for fuc*ing, fabulously, fantastic!