June 12, 2008

I'm a Dish

Oh, my god. I'm, like, totally famous. There's a plate naimed after me. Check out this fierce new dish from Trixie Delicious! (Her tagline is "Vandalized Vintage." How cool is that?)

Then out of the blue, I got this note:

Hello from New Zealand. I'm a long time reader of your books and your blog is a daily read for me. I was blown away last month when I found a FUCKER plate painted by my wife, Trixie Delicious, featured in your blog entry Erudite Starfucker. I noticed she'd never used the word Trollop, so here's one for you.

How awesome is that? My new dream is to have a dinner party and serve a meal entirely on her word plates!

But today, I'm doubly famous. Violet Blue interviewed me for her SFGATE column. I'm surprised by the haters who comment, but thrilled to be part of her piece.




Heidi Champa said...

I have been admiring the Floozy teacup forever. Maybe I should pick it up before you get them all. Love the word slapper, too. Always a favorite of mine.

KM said...

My China pattern suddenly seems so...unsexy. Oh yeah, I don't have a China pattern. Trixie Delicious would be great place to start! I would love to have a tea party with the "Seven Deadly Sins" saucers! Would that make me saucy?

EllaRegina said...

I'd like to see the spoon that dish ran away with.

EllaRegina said...

The "Pussy" and "Cock" bowls are pretty tempting.

"I'd like a bowl of cock, please, well done, with some pussy on the side. Oh, and a glass of Shiraz.


Alison Tyler said...

Puts a whole new spin on guess who's coming to dinner, doesn't it?


EllaRegina said...

Um, the last three digits of the Pussy/Cock bowl URL got eaten -- someone got hungry waiting around for their order. If you add 316 you should get there. At any rate it's Trixie Delicious' Etsy shop (MATURE division) if all else fails.

Really, Alison, the dinner party possibilities here are endless!