June 30, 2008

My Twisted Mind

Just for fun I thought I'd post one of my note pages. This is actually the one from only the last day or so. As I work, these pages become more and more dense. I don't know why they all end up looking like this, though. But they do.

I have to assume that the pages become swirls of overlapping notes so that my brain can think more clearly. Yeah, that sounds pretty good. Right? Does anyone else write notes like this, or is it all just me? (Oh, god. It's all going to be me, isn't it? You all write nice neat notes in clear handwriting that anyone could easily decipher. I'm the crazy person with the spirals of words and catchphrases that only I can understand.)


P.S. I am laughing so hard. I just realized that if you turn your head just so, you can read the note "Here I Go Again On My Own," which is a song I included in my chapter on masturbation. And which I've been assured will make everyone who reads the book think I am a total geek.


Anonymous said...

Scrapnotes? Make a guess...Ha!
Actually I don't think I ever wrote a clean one.I love new notebooks or notepads so that I turn them dirty.
The worst thing is to teach that way when you write on a board.
I try hard but my writing style never becomes neat. Busy fast minds I guess.
In paper I prefer pencil though. Any pencil but I always excuse myself when I do it with my Montblanc pencil. Do you think I'm vain? No!!!

Raven said...

if this is being a geek, then I wanna be one too!!!

my notes have a bit of a flowchart quality to them...circles connected with lines, though not at all as linear as most flowcharts, I'd imagine.


Angell said...

I have about a million notebooks and all the pages that are written on look like I've invented my own language. I can't expect anyone to read them (and yet I hide them anyway cuz my luck the wrong person will be able to read them).

When I'm making notes on a story - look out. Thankfully I use different colours of ink on different days otherwise they'd be totally indecipherable.

Emerald said...

"You all write nice neat notes in clear handwriting that anyone could easily decipher."

I laughed out loud when I read this. I'm not sure people can read things I write when I'm trying to make it legible. Certainly when it's a note just to me, even I feel challenged sometimes trying to read it later and remember what the hell it means!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Does that say "Never have the same blog twice"?


EllaRegina said...

I love that you're so multi-dimensional! Do you employ one of those anti-gravity pens, like the astronauts use when writing in outer space?

Craig Sorensen said...

I can so relate to this Alison! I sometimes get ideas at my nine to five job and scratch them down on legal pads, fold them up and put them in my pocket. So there are about a dozen pieces of yellow lined paper with fold creases spread out on each other.

Add to that three spiral notebooks with pages of chicken scrawl, various printouts of research from the web and a 1980 calendar with some key events that I researched from that year...

Well, you get the idea.

KM said...

I like the circles.

Saskia Walker said...

Similar! My notes are disjointed, barely legible phrases that would only make sense to me (and not even to me, at times,) but they do try to stay on the same horizon. Mostly. ;-)

Anonymous said...


My notebook looks almost exactly like this. I usually start in the middle, skip lines, go up the sides, across the top, then the bottom. It's a mess. But somehow, it helps me get the job done.

Tenille (who posted anonymous because I can't remember my Blogger password - go figure)

Michelle Houston said...


I try to start out organized, with nice neat columns and orderly writing. By about day two or three though I have added things side ways, upside down, along the edges, anywhere I can find space. And it isn't just writings. It's notes about classes, when I need to work the next week, my daughter's busy schedule, groceries I need to get, and all the fun filled parts of life. I never can seem to make a page just about writing. It just doesn't work that way for me.

So compared to me, you have a pretty good system going. LOL

Michelle Houston