June 12, 2008

The Dish Ran Away

EllaRegina said: I'd like to see the spoon that dish ran away with.

I am a sucker for a good t-shirt. My standard uniform is beat-in jeans and a t-shirt. I do the skirts and the fishnets, too, yes. But to sit cross-legged at the computer and write, I'm in *looking down to check* holey Lucky-brand jeans and a Junk Food tee. And that's what I'm in almost every day.

My favorite tees have been worn to death. (Oh, my god. Funny story. A writer dropped me a note about a piece she wanted to pitch to me. She said "I'd love to write a story about a woman who makes a man do certain things...causes his demise....." So I wrote back and said, "No snuff sex, please, I'm not really into sex and death," and she wrote: "Eh? death!!!!????????? I was thinking more of a man relinquishing control to a woman...giving himself up to her....having her drive him mad....I guess demise could mean death." Okay, maybe that was just funny to me.)

Back to my tees—I know where I've worn them, which concerts they've been to, which clubs, which readings.

I should have a tribute to tees. Maybe that will be next. My most beloved ones have been retired. (The one from the Man Ray exhibit in L.A. The one with the name of the first glossy magazine I wrote for. The one with the cherries.) And I'm rambling again. I know that. But I've had a rambling sort of day. (Am I the only one who has just mentally segued into an old Steve Martin routine? "I'm a ramblin' guy, ramblin' round, I'm a ramblin'. R-A-M-B-L-I-N. Ramblin.")

Oh, for fuck's sake, I should unplug now. Right? Right.



jothemama said...

Good post, Alison ;)

Heidi Champa said...

Tees. Now you're talking my language.