October 29, 2008

Lucky Number 17

That's the name of my story in Penthouse Variations' 30th Anniversary issue. I'm so excited to have been mentioned in the fleshbot write-up: Three Fabulous Decades of Penthouse Variations. And I'm super honored to be in this issue. I've been reading Variations for (mumble, mumble) years. (You know. A lot.) And I'm a die-hard fan. No, wait. Maybe I'm a die-wet fan. Whatever I am, I'm in awe of the way this pocket-sized pornocopia continues to turn me on every single issue.
I was lucky enough to feature Editor Barbara Pizio on my Trollop Salon awhile back. Check out the interview if you get a chance!



Neve Black said...

Whoooohoo. That's awesome and you sooo deserve it.


EllaRegina said...

"pornocopia" !!!!

Big congratulations to you!


Nice title graphic for your story, too!

EllaRegina said...

Great BP interview, too!

I learned two new words:




I've got some Googling to do!

Raven said...

Sweet! I know now what I'll be buying to read on my business trip next week.


Portia Da Costa said...

Wahey, wonderful news! Many congratulations!

Seventeen is my lucky number too. :)

JMK said...

OooLaLa! Rock&Roll Hootchie Coo! Keep on groov-a-loovin!