December 22, 2008

I'm Smitten

Ooops, I forgot to mention that I'm Smitten. I mean, I'm up on Smitten, which is apparently the Sex, Love & Life blog on This is the same interview I did with Em & Lo for their Daily Bedpost blog. The difference is the comments—every time the article goes up, new people read the interview and add their feedback. (I'm such a comment whore. I love to know what people are thinking about. But I was the same way back in high school. I mean, I wanted everyone to sign my yearbook. Somehow, this feels the same way to me.)

I like that people are talking about their sex lives in public, and I am interested in what people think of the Modern Love article referenced in the interview. I have to admit (you twisted my arm), that I despise the Modern Love columns so much that I now boycott the entire Style section of the Sunday Times. Why? Because the articles are generally so depressing I want to crawl under the covers rather than spread out on top of them. Why does Modern Love have to be about death or mental illness or people who don't like sex in the first place?

I mean, can't modern love ever be about something that's kinky and dirty and sexy and twisted and, well, upbeat?

Look, I hear David Bowie in my head whenever someone says Modern Love, and for years I wished that those columns could be about something I could hold onto. Something I could adore and savor, reread over and over before clipping and sending to a friend. Yeah, I know there's sadness in life. But that's exactly why Modern Love is so important.

Hey, I'll sign this the way I signed everyone's book back in school:

Have a peachy keen groovy summer,

(No, really. I did.)


Isabel Kerr said...

Alison, dear, I have been avoiding that article for all of the reasons you have implied. But, because you asked us to read it, I have, gladly. Just as I suspected and like the response of one of the commentors, it made me queasy.

The article itself is full of very confusing statements, she had sex but not intercourse, her first orgasm happened at a particular time but the boy never asked her for sex. She lost me.

As I've mentioned before great sex in a committed relationship is the commitment to the whole person's being, and yeah, it takes creativity, but one needs to be committed to it, to be whole-ly committed. It requires selflessness. Sometimes it is work, but it is work with a very gratifying goal for both of you.

In general, there is much to be said for the way a writer writes, but much more than that, for me, it is what the writer has to say, and whether I would like to know that person. She is someone I would never want to meet or befriend.

The article confirms my commitment, my heart aches for her husband. Granite was the appropriate reference for her commitment.

Otherwise, I'm smitten ;)

Jeremy Edwards said...


"Smitten" is the past participle of smut, yes?