December 15, 2008

My Year in Dirty Books


So here it is: My year in books. I'm cheating, I know. I think I listed a few of these last year. But I like the symmetry of the little icons, and I didn't want an uneven row. This collage contains 2008 releases—both books that I wrote or edited and collections that feature my stories. Another cheat? I'm posting two covers from books I've edited that are *not* out yet, as well as a book I edited that was cancelled by the publisher.

The axing of the alphabet felt crushing, but 08 still was a big year in my world. My piece "It's Not the Weather" hopped between the covers of Bedding Down. I'm not a novella girl (I prefer 3000 words or 80,000 words. 8-10,000 is confounding). So getting in was rewarding. Emily Dubberley selected one of my stories for her Ultimate Burlesque anthology. And I wrote a "celebrity dare" for Laura Corn's book. Several of my 2008 stories were among my favorites ever: "Rubber Necking" in Rubber Sex, "Prego" in Tasting Him, and "Lucky Number 17" in Penthouse Variations 30th anniversary edition. (What an honor and thrill to be in Variations!)

To add the icing to 2008, I signed for two Harlequin collections. And I have one more secret project in the works—fingers and toes crossed on this one. So along with the failures, I need to remember to give myself a few well-earned pats on the back.

Now you.
What are you pleased as punch about?


P.S. Click over to Trollop Salon for a chance to win your very own copy of Best Women's Erotica 09, and scroll down to the Lust at First Bite post to read the winners of that compilation. (Winners were posted in the comments.)


Smut Girl said...

oh, i will cross my fingers and my toes for you! but not my eyes, i am a bit phobic about that. and not my legs because i am a slut. heh heh.

love your little squares. they are fabulous. you should pat yourself silly, woman!

i am pleased as punch over the last year in general. i'd make my own little square thingy but i am photoshop challenged. as i believe I confessed before.

can you fucking believe this year is almost over? god. what happened? how *much* did i drink!?

Jeremy Edwards said...

You are phenomenal, AT. Just look at all you've accomplished!!

I'm in the pleased-as-punch line, too (hey, you know how much I love punchlines), having had a wonderful year here in Eroticaland. And, guess what, a big part of that has been related to the joy of sexy anthologies edited by Alison Tyler.

Neve Black said...

Crossing everything for you. You work your ass off. I think a shot of tequila along with pats on the back, or ass cheeks is required!

I'm lucky to have found you this year, Alison (sorry, I know that sounds ass-kissy). Seriously though, you have opened my writing spirit and introduced me to so many, wonderful and talented writers. Thank you. :-)

Rachel said...

Congratulations on everything! You are such an inspiration, especially your tirelessness. It's been my lazy/slacker year but I'm gearing up for 2009.

Where'd you get that Tasting Him cover? It made me smile but is not the exact cover of the book (no biggie, just happened to notice).

Alison Tyler said...

That's funny about the cover! I think I took it from Barnes and Noble. It's hard to get the covers off Amazon when they have the "search inside the book" graphic on top! This must have been an early prototype. If you look at the B&N cover for Playing with Fire, they've got a different one for that, too!


Kristina Wright said...

I love year-in-review posts, especially with pictures! :) What a year you've had! So many lovely successes twinkling in the light like shiny little ornaments. May 2009 bring many good things! Everything crossed (including my legs, because I'm a good girl!) for your secret project.

I'm just happy I managed to keep writing through a very difficult year-- husband gone for 9 months thanks to the Navy, the stolen wallet incident, the dog surgery/malignant tumor event, a much wanted pregnancy loss... I am ready to say goodbye to 2008 and welcome 2009 with open arms.

EllaRegina said...

Wow, Alison!

That's an outstanding accomplishment!

Congratulations many times over!

As Rachel KB says, you are a true inspiration! (And what Neve said. People like you don't grow on trees).

Suzanne said...

I am pleased to have made new friends this year, both online and at work. I am pleased to have successfully created 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies today. I am pleased that new RAM is on its way for my home PC.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Alison,

That looks so cool -- they way they all stack up that way. If it was Wheel of Fortune your squares flipped would spell something like "Alison Tyler fucking rocks."

Congrats to you! Secret!


Jvstin Tomorrow said...

Even with the failures...and everyone has failures, you have impressive successes.

As for me, this has not been a very successful year at all, although in a sense I've carved a slightly larger profile (from my microscopic one) as a blogger/reviewer on the Internets.

Regina Perry said...

I'm pleased as punch to have written my first erotic novel this year. This is my first time to comment, but I've been reading your books and following your blog for the past four months.
I'm pleased as spiked punch to have found you. You are truly an inspiration. Your blog is so personal, I feel like I've been on a journey with you. Angry at the insensitive reviews and celebrating your accomplishments.
Can't wait for the secret project to be revealed. I'm with Sommer, not crossing my legs. Besides, with your talent, who needs luck.
I'm sure Neve thinks this is ass-kissy, but I LOVE having my ass kissed. I don't think Alison minds either.
I feel like I know all of you, Jeremy, Neve, Sommer, Ellaregina.... I look forward to knowing you better in 2009!

Angell said...

What an amazing list of accomplishments Alison. If we're doing tequila shots to celebrate, can I get in on the action?

Congrats and here's hoping that 09 is even more amazing!!