January 01, 2009

But I Won't Do That

Look, I had the best intentions. You know the way people get. The New Year is approaching, and you make deals with yourself. Plans on how you're going to change. How you're going to wake up on January 1 and be a better person. A new and improved version of yourself.

I was going to come up with a schedule for the New Year. Contests would always start on the same day. Polls would always run the same amount of time. Fair is fair, right? But I'm actually not a very scheduled person. (What a shock.) I am rigorous in the way that I slam myself against deadlines to turn in my work on time, but I am not regimented in the way that I actually do my work. And I think I should accept that rather than kill myself trying to change.

What does that actually mean?

Well, some days I'll probably post four times in a row. And some days, I may not post at all.

What won't I do in the New Year?

I won't join a group blog. I won't apologize for things that other people say and do that are out of my control. I won't feel bad when I have a moment of being human and I rant or vent or snark.

What will I do?

I'll kick off the New Year with a fabulous contest! (Stop back in later today or tomorrow for the details.) Until then, what will you (or won't you) do in 2009?



Suzanne said...

I think one of my resolutions is going to be to participate in more Alison Tyler contests... I would also like to get back to my bellydancing and yoga more regularly. Happy New Year!

Angell said...

In 2009, I won't be a slave to OPO (other people's opinions). I won't care what others think of me or my writing. I will be taking better care of myself, and I will be doing more writing.

I will also do my best to keep a more positive attitude.

Renae said...

Well, as a new-ish reader, Alison, I love the way it seems to follow your moods -- I'd hate to see the blog lose any of your trademark spontenaity and creativity out of some obligation to schedule.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Alison,

Happy New Year to you! You have brought so much magic into my life during the past year. I just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my twisted little heart.


Sweet Samantha said...

Happy New Year everyone!

In 2009 I plan on taking pole dancing lessons and getting another peircing in my ear at the top. I want to try to become more organized and stay more on top of my schoolwork. I want, hopefully, to become more aware of myself and what I want to do with my life.

EllaRegina said...

I vow to tell the negative voices inside my head to shut the fuck up.

It's going to be very quiet in there.


Robin Elizabeth said...

I'll second EllaRegina's "vow" (I like that better than resolution) - there's been a veritable choir of negative voices singing - screaming? - at the top of their lungs in my head. Yes, shut the fuck up.

And definitely I'll participate in more of Alison's contests.

I'm new here too, but so far I love the "feel" of this blog. for what it's worth.

tygre said...

i'm letting go of last year. trying not to rate my present based on my past, especially the failures.