January 11, 2009

Your Sexiest Kiss. Ever.

I mean, mine.

Samantha said: Don't we get to find out about YOUR sexiest kiss ever?

I'm sure you have. I write about that kiss all the time. In every novel. In many short stories. The first kiss. His hand in my ponytail, anchoring me. His mouth on mine. So firm, so hard. Traffic rushing by behind us. The blink of twilight. Right then. That second. When I felt not only understood, not only accepted, but discovered.

Then I thought no, wait. The sexiest kiss. Ever. And I flash forwarded a decade and a half to the vision of him catching me. In the pantry. My arms full. Nowhere to go. His eyes on me, telling me silently what he was going to do a second before he made any kind of move. I backed up slowly against the wall. He came forward, whispering that we were all alone. No one would hear me. Telling me I was his to use, however he saw fit.

His mouth near mine, almost kissing. Almost. But not.

And then I thought, you know what?
The sexiest kiss ever?
I think I'm going to make that one happen. Today.



tygre said...

god i love you

Emerald said...

"The sexiest kiss ever?
I think I'm going to make that one happen. Today."

How beautiful. Really.

I wrote the description of mine out, but I had encountered the original post asking for it late, so I didn't bother to post it. :) It was lovely reading the other accounts though! I found it also a lovely topic to think about, so thanks for the question, AT.