February 03, 2009

The Man Who Came to Look for My Mouse...

...well, not actually *my* mouse. The mouse that may have died inside, behind, or under my dryer. The man who came to look for that mouse gave me a self-help book before he left. Is it so obvious that my self needs help? I mean, so obvious that dryer repairmen-slash-mouse hunters must hand me self-help books?

I've never heard of this one before, but apparently Oprah has. (That's according to the sticker on the cover.) I'll go grab the title in a minute—in case any of you are interested in what sort of book a dryer repairman would give a girl like me.

I'm going to have to spin on this awhile, though. At least, once we find the mouse.



Angell said...

That is one sexy fucking picture (pardon the language but DAMN).

Jeremy Edwards said...

We had a mouse around our laundry machines this week, too. Ours left alive—and in a huff, because we refused to sign up for his life-coaching program.