March 31, 2009

We had sex in bed.

No, really. I hate to confess this, because generally speaking, we don't. I mean, we have sex in the car and up against the fridge and out in the yard. But our bed remains nearly virginal even after all these years together. And yet, yesterday, we had that type of headboard-slamming-against-the-freaking-wall sex that is why god must have created beds.

I'm not writing this simply to brag. (Well, bragging *is* fun. It does make me feel all warm inside.) But I'm writing more about the why we had fab sex in the bed. See, we went and hung out with one of our friends who is going through a really nasty split with his ex. The type of drama-ridden break-up that I haven't been part of for well over a decade. (Insert the "thank my fucking lucky stars" sigh right here.)

Sam did the whole manly thing while I made myself scarce - the men walked and talked and Sam tsked and oohed at the right parts. Then when we came home we had that sort of post-funeral, slam-me-to-hell-and-back type sex that I think is not so much fear but validation. The "that's never going to happen to us" sex.

Do you know what I mean?
Sex in bed. Wow. Who knew?



Erobintica said...

This - not so much fear but validation. The "that's never going to happen to us" sex - is something that we've had many times over the years. Although we rarely have sex anywhere but our bed!

Neve Black said...

Yabbadabba-bed-dazzle! :-)

That's awesome, AT.

Marina said...

Sex in a bed is good! I agree - there are so many other venues to explore! But, every once in a while, a nice soft surface with a little room to work comfortably is nice!

Ooh - a series of car sex stories would be cool! Has anyone done that yet?

Erobintica said...

Although we rarely have sex anywhere but our bed!

well .... I take that back ;-)

camping, cars...


it's just ... it's been winter ... and cold ...

how soon they forget

jothemama said...

You don't have sex in bed because you never sleep!

No lazy Sunday morning wood inspired sessions?

What about those under the mattress restraints?

Anonymous said...

How lovely your post funeral association. Couldn't have been more appropriate symbol. As it's also lovely to have a man around to do the whole manly thing.

Blowing a kiss,