April 08, 2009

Almost Famous

I had this idea that I think is delightful, but it's early. So you'll have to tell me if I'm right. (I like being right, but I don't mind being wrong.) I thought that from now on, when my little contests are over, I will choose one of the authors to feature on my Trollop Salon. Just a little Q and A. I won't necessarily pick the winning story—simply a story that moves me. (Often, I tend to like the ones that receive only a vote or two!)

Anyway, what do you think—a little spotlight ("could I possibly have a blue spot?") on a writer each contest? I know there are a lot of interviews floating around these days, but my questions will be unique. (You know me. I want to peek inside your crisper drawer and see what vegetables are lurking there. I want to know what keychain dangles from your ring. What size your heels are.)


P.S. Oh, you know the lighting reference. Right? You're all as big Steve Martin fans as I am.


neve black said...

You're right. This is a wonderful idea! :-)

Angell said...

I think it's absolutely fabulous AT.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ooh, and one result of this might be that we'd get to learn more about some of the slightly mysterious participants who treat us to mindblowing 250-word orgasms, but whom we may not know much about!

jothemama said...

Oh, that's a sweet idea. Nice.

cerulean said...

yes, that's kind of hot. kind of an incentive to write something that gets your attention. writing for audience, so to speak. cool prompt.


Alison Tyler said...

I should add that nobody will be forced to do an interview—some writers value their anonymity. So this will be simply a bonus for those who want to play along.

Erobintica said...

I must have missed commenting here. Yes, it's Friday night (though early) and I'm bored and checking old posts for new comments.

This sounds like fun. Especially if the questions are off-the-wall.

I am old enough to remember Steve Martin on SNL.

EllaRegina said...

That's lovely of you, AT.