April 03, 2009

Got Tight Last Night...

But I didn't do knife tricks. I stuck buttons in envelopes. So this is where I am: I have sealed up all the Dirty Girl Scout buttons (and I have a handful left, so if you did not ask for one, there's still time). I've addressed the Eat Me buttons, and stuck all the Seven Ways to Stroke Me prizes into pretty pastel envelopes. Now, I need your help. I'm waiting for two confessions (or at least addresses) for the sex toy contest. (I have not heard from the writers of Airy or In the Pink.) Other than that, I'm just in a holding pattern until the WTF buttons arrive. Oh, and I have fabulous Playing with Fire buttons to give away, too. I will post a picture shortly. They are divine!


1 comment:

Angell said...

I love those buttons!