April 11, 2009

I ❤ Head

I bow down to the copy writer who penned this: For those that object to any obscenity or content of this t-shirt, rest assured we considered multiple options when naming this t-shirt and some other, less blunt, things came to mind. The runner-up was "I Love One Whom Fellates," but in the end we said fuck it and just named it what you're thinking in your head. We know...keep it classy.

Is this not the perfect t-shirt to wear in celebration of Blow Hard 09? I'm just going to slip mine on and oscillate over to Neve Black's spanking new website—and a spanking is exactly what you're going to want to give her when you see that shot of her perfect ass. Sorry. I digressed. Hmmm. Is anyone up for a "Spank Me 09" tour? Look at that. I digressed again.

Okay, what else is on the agenda? I'm supposed to be making a poll. But I think I'm going to wait until Monday. Tomorrow being Easter, and all. So I've extended the deadline for my Do You Suck? contest until—well, until I get up on Monday morning. Remember, one lucky writer (if you call being bombarded by questions from me "lucky") from this contest will be interviewed on my Trollop Salon!

Also, I'm collecting entries for the "Blow Me Awards." My latest brainwave. Remember, you can submit your own work, or your favorite scene from someone else's story or novel. So go read that smut—or write that smut—and send me your suggestion by April 15th. What better way to blow off steam during tax time? ("Steam" is another word for "spunk," right?)



ste said...

cool t-shirt!

oh, and a spanking tour sounds like a plan. just saying.

jothemama said...

I have a terrible fear it should be 'one who fellates'.

You'd say who fellates whom, but not one whom.

It's all about the object, isn't it?

Alison Tyler said...

I think you're right, Jo. But I didn't write the copy. I just sucked off the copywriter.


jothemama said...

That was very forgiving of you! Such a generous editor.

Angell said...

Oh I love that shirt - where can I get one?

And I'm in agreement - a spanking tour would be loads of fun.

Cora Zane said...

Brilliant shirt! And a spanking tour would be fun. *twirls paddle*

FupDuckTV said...

I prefer going down on women. BJ's a great, but they just don't get me there.