April 23, 2009

I ❤ my big bottom

Okay, I don't have a big bottom. (But I have a laundry list of other issues that I work to not fret about if that makes you feel better.) So it's not my big bottom I'm ❤-ing. See, I was at a thrift store over the weekend, and the woman in the dressing room next to me kept saying, over and over, in an ever-increasingly desperate voice: "I love my big bottom. I love my big bottom."

She wasn't shouting. She wasn't whispering. She was just repeating her personal mantra: "I love my big bottom. I love my big bottom."

You know me. Curious doesn't even begin to describe what I was feeling. I mean, she sounded really heartfelt. And yet a little wee bit manic. So when she went out to show her husband the jeans she was trying on, I peeked. Big? I guess. Compared to mine? Yes. But I'm 5'4" and sort of a pixie. She was a tall, tough-looking woman with a round, noticeable, nice ass. And her ass was packed—I mean, shoe-horned the hell into a pair of skin-tight bejeweled jeans.

I believe she had repeated those magic words over and over as she'd tried to get the jeans on. Now, I watched through the slit of the curtains at the big reveal.

(Don't worry, pumpkin. This story has a happy ending.)

Her Prince Charming was literally weak-kneed at the sight of her. "Oh, baby. You look so good in those." Going into a crouch and checking her out up close. "Oh, man, so damn good." Touching her. Stroking her. Patting her. You could tell that he thought she was red-hot in the jeans, and that he could not wait to peel them off her and get at that nice juicy ass of hers.

When she turned to head back to the dressing room, I saw a flush on her cheeks. A glow. Pure happiness. Plus the knowledge that a night of fierce fucking was in her future. She was, trust me, quite a bit more beautiful right then than any Miss America I've ever seen.

I stepped out next, to check my sun dress in the mirror. I love my small tits, I said in my head, imagining Sam pawing at them. I love my silver-streaked hair, I thought next, envisioning him wrapping the length of my curls around his fist. I love my small, tight ass... Well, you know. I do.

Now, you tell me.
The good, the bad, the ugly.
What do you love?


P.S. My spacebar, as I may have mentioned, loves its big ass. No, I mean, my spacebar is sticking. So off goes my computer this morning to the repair shop. If I am momentarily quiet, it's not that I've been gagged. (Although, who knows?) But that my little PowerBook is undergoing necessary adjustments. Bear with me. Or bare with me. Whichever you'd like.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh, wow, I LOVE that story, AT—the events related, and also the way you told it, with the breathless, voyeuristic framing (what a privilege that we got to see the happy flush on her face!). I don't mind telling you that I felt the sweet, sexy power of this narrative both in my ❤ and in my ↑ [not to scale].

jothemama said...

Aw, I love this story.

I confess I find it hard to get through the cloud of big buts, though, to get to the bits of me I love. :(

Alison Tyler said...

Thanks, JE. I've been sort of savoring this for days. I was so happy the man didn't say, "Oh, those look tight on you," (which they did), or "Let's try something more flattering," or whatever.

He was just nearly speechless with delight.


jothemama said...

Cute, Jeremy :)

Alison Tyler said...

Ooops, I cross-posted with you, Jo.

Well, I love the fact that you could write that fucking fabulous goat porn story within the confines of a comment square.

And without ever having met you, I will just peer through the curtain at you and give you a thumbs up on all your bits!


JM Stone said...

What a great story! Even reading it made me feel voyeuristic. That's awesome, and I'm with you on being glad that he was properly reverent!

TO answer your question, AT, I love my chest. Yup. Unabashedly. My sister tells me I got both of our allotments(which she thinks is quite unfair). I like the way they spill over my man's hands, the inches of cleavage, the way I can't see my toes past them when in a proper bra or corset.

I try to forget the backaches, or the fact that they will never, ever, be high and perky, or the way they seem to sag a little more every year.

Nope. Don't think about that stuff. Or my butt, or thighs, or hips. I can just look down and smile.

It helps that my man adores big breasted women and calls me his fertility goddess! That'll boost your self image anyday ;)

Smut Girl said...

sorry. i must steal hers. i love my big bottom. i love it. i hated it growing up but i pretty much love it now.

the comical part of our female body issues is, the thing that can be the bane of our existance can also be the thing that draw men to us. Every man I have ever been with has been an ass man. Hence...the ass! so, yeah, i love my big bottom. and um...I'm not the only one. heh heh.

take that in any way you wish.


T. Elle Harrison said...

I heart this post! (Note how I wrote out the word heart b/c I'm too much of a techtard to figure out how to make a real one)
As a latina woman with a typical latina figure(which, for those of you who don't know, is a big bottom and small titties) I can completely sympathize with all of the above. I'll have to remember to use that mantra this weekend. I'm going bathing suit shopping for my trip to Miami at the end of May. *shivers* I haven't been in a bikini in at least two years.
*I love my big bottom...I love my small titties*

Angell said...

Excellent story. And for those of us with big bottoms, I thank you for sharing.

As for what I love about me....lemmie get back to you on that.

P.S. Haven said...

Oh, man, that is such an awesome story. I love that. That guy is my new hero. Good for him, good for her. I wish every woman could see themselves with the same eyes we see you guys with.

Saskia Walker said...

What a joyous story! Love it, Thanks for sharing it Alison.

Anonymous said...

This story brightened my day ... I share T. Elle Harrison's mantra with a dash of I love my defined waistline.


neve black said...

Great story, Alison. Yes, I felt a bit voyeuristic, like JM pointed out too. Thank you!

p.s. I'm envious. You have dressing rooms at the thrift store! We have to wax on/wax off in the middle of the aisles: Oh, I think that's voyeurs cute sister, exhibitionism, right? haha.

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely story. Trust me growing up I could have listed a hundred things I don't like about my body but today I can say without any hesitation I absolutely LOVE being voluptuous!

Alison Tyler said...

Am on computer that is not mine, and so I feel as if I am cheating — but the space bar works!

Love the lovely comments. Ta very much. ❤-ing your big bottom, small breasts, etc. can only be a good thing. Whether or not there is a man who will fall to his knees and caress you're bejeweled ass or no.

Oh, and Neve — very makeshift dressing rooms. Little curtains, no mirrors.

And Haven — damn, you're sweet.


EllaRegina said...

Great story! I can imagine you even, um, fleshing it out!

Good eavesdropping!

In answer to your question, I love my right nostril but have issues with the left one.

Erobintica said...

well, I have the cups runneth over "problem" and I've never been petite - and for a good part of my life did not feel at all attractive - what a self-fulfilling prophecy. Coming out of that after decades. In a weird place today - so, think I'm gonna stop there.

AT - I love this story - thanks so much for sharing it - I hope that couple are happy forever.

Erobintica said...

are happy? gack! is happy is happy (it took me three tries to type that last happy right and I haven't even had any of cerulean's wine

sure it isn't friday?

Alison Tyler said...

I hope they is and are happy forever, too!
And I hope we all is and are, as well.

Why not?

Pass the wine, please. I think Sommer's got a whole box at her house!


Emerald said...

"She was, trust me, quite a bit more beautiful right then than any Miss America I've ever seen."Oh, that was just lovely. Thanks for sharing AT.

And indeed, very charming Haven. ;)

E.B. Addis said...

This is great on so many levels. Thanks for posting it.

Alison Tyler said...

My pleasure. :)