April 12, 2009

I ❤ ...

I have been having so much fun with ❤ s lately, that I was thrilled when I found this pin!

I mean, I ❤ Sommer.
And I ❤ Blow Jobs, which is evidenced by how much I adored the fabulous Blow Hard 09 Tour!
I ❤ the two fantastic reviews that have gone up so far for Playing with Fire.
And I ❤ knowing what you ❤ .

Playing along is simple. All you need to do is cut and paste this ❤ icon, and tell me what you ❤ . Why? Because I'm in a nosy mood. And ❤ -ing is good for everyone.



Craig Sorensen said...

I ❤ beautiful, lazy Sundays and cool online friends who send out gifts via mail (thanks, Alison, for the cool button which I ❤) and I ❤ cool sexy anthologies.

Dare I say, I ❤ Alison Tyler. I think you're pretty cool.

Alison Tyler said...

Thanks so much, Craig! I think you're pretty effing cool, too!


jothemama said...

I ❤ getting things in the post, too :)

And I ❤ sleeping.

I ❤ reading.

I ❤ blogging.

I ❤ cupcakes.

I ❤ hanging out with the girls.

I ❤ lists.

I could go on and on...

Alison Tyler said...

I ❤ comments from Ireland. :)


ste said...

I ❤ announcements about spankings.
*sits and waits patiently*

also, I ❤ harmonicas. I ❤ Sleater-Kinney.

and of course, I ❤ blogs like this one!

ste said...

also, I ❤ The Wire - I've recently started watching it again from the beginning. the BBC are showing every single episode on consecutive nights. I own the dvds, but I'm watching it anyway!

Erobintica said...

I gotta figure out how to do the (heart) thingy


Angell said...

I ❤ getting cool stuff in the mail (like everyone else)

I ❤ sleeping in on Saturdays

I ❤ reading

I ❤ writing

I ❤ singing loudly wherever I am

I ❤ hockey

I ❤ SEX (but I think that goes without saying)

and I ❤ all the amazing people I've met through the interwebz.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I ❤ love!

cerulean said...

Okay, so it took me an hour to figure out how to insert the friggin' ♥. And yeah, I know it doesn't look like everyone else's.

I ♥ my Mac notebook.

I ♥ my life as it is right now, at this moment.

I ♥ my newfound erotica friends and their blogs.

I ♥ newborn puppies and puppy breath.

I ♥ Alison's pins!

Alison Tyler said...

I ❤ coming home to an inbox filled with items people ❤!


jothemama said...

Just highlight, copy and paste it, Erobintica?

I ike the little heart better! I heart it better? The other one looks a little like a shadow puppet bat as well as a heart.

Speaking of sweetie pups, As of last weekend I also ♥ baby bunnies! Oh god, little ones that could sit in the palm of your hand - my daughter said 'they look made up!'. Want one!

I also ♥ heart vampire romance - looking forward to borrowing the entire Twilight series from a freind's 12 year old, and the new series of Being Human - Youtube it, sexy vapire alert.

Do you like the contrasts in this post? Bunnies and Bloodsuckers... anyone remember Bunnicula, the vampire bunny who used to drain the juice of tomatoes?

Alison Tyler said...

I remember Bunnicula!

And ste, I haven't seen The Wire. But I ❤ True Blood.


Craig Sorensen said...


I ❤ both True Blood and The Wire too. New season of True Blood this summer!

cerulean said...

I can't copy and paste on the blogs so I couldn't use AT's ♥. Is it a Mac thing? I had to use "Special Characters" under Edit and insert their version of a ♥.

ste said...

Alison - I've heard of True Blood, but it's not on over here yet (or at least, not on the channels I get). I'll check it out one day I guess!

Also, I ❤ Zooborns. And now so do you!

Jvstin Tomorrow said...

I ❤ Science Fiction and Fantasy. Almost all of the fiction reading I do (with the notable exception of erotica) is one or the other.

I ❤ waterfalls. The sight and sound of falling water is extremely appealing to me.

I ❤ dark chocolate. Preferably between 60 and 72% dark for optimum flavor!

Cora Zane said...

I ❤ rainy days, naughty books, bookstores, good blogs, Jeeps, and guitars. I ❤ family days, that feeling I get after writing "the end".

I ❤ Cylons - nerdy girl that I am. I ❤ sex, and those first few moments afterward, lying there, heart pounding. I ❤ fangs and teh sexy who wear them.

Hm. I have Red Hot Chili Peppers in my head now. These are just a few of my favorite things.... ^_^

Erobintica said...

♥ ❤


now I have to think of what I ♥ ❤!

Erobintica said...

I ♥ ❤ buttons!
I ♥ ❤ banana cream pie (homemade like I made today)
I ♥ ❤ not having to get up for school tomorrow
I ♥ ❤ friendly blogger-types
I ♥ ❤ too much to list

Smut Girl said...

I ❤ your reviews! And I ❤ everyone who has made the BHT a success and fun! And I ❤ my sweatpants right now. And soon, I will ❤ my bed. because am dead on feet. okay, okay, dead on tush.

oh and I ❤ you!

jothemama said...

Aw, we're full of ❤, aren't we?

I love your list, Cora - but - Jeeps!?

JM Stone said...

I think I'm late!

I ♥ the look on my husband's face when I get another button ;)...
I ♥ lovely blogs to follow...
I ♥ sun on my skin...
I ♥ delicious stories to read...
I ♥ reading and writing...
I ♥ Chuck...he's just cute in a nerdy kind of way, and Sarah's HOT ;)

and I ♥ lots of other things too ;)


Alison Tyler said...

I ❤ Ashley Lister.


Alison Tyler said...

Clearly, I am not done ❤-ing. Because I ❤ ❤ -shaped hot tubs!


tygre said...

I ❤ kittens
I ❤ books that make me forget about the real world
I ❤ magic
I ❤ trees
I ❤ dirt
I ❤ girls with purple braids and 3 inch chunk heeled combat boots...