April 27, 2009

What's Your Lucky Number?

She beat me to it, the brat. *I* was going to do the "Are you feeling lucky?" title. But no. Ms. "I'm Up Early on the East Coast" has snagged that for herself. Which is fine. Really. As we are both pimping the same fabulous item today. Her. Well, not Sommer Marsden, herself. She's not up on the bidding block. But her new collection, "Lucky Number 13," is.

I was all excited about giving away lucky number buttons today. But they are only good for very specific numbers. (I suppose you're in luck, if your lucky numbers are the ones still available.)

Instead, I'm giving away this rollicking rock-a-billy bracelet (with 13 red dice). What do you have to do to win? Buy a copy of Sommer's book. (The book costs $4.99—what a steal!) One lucky person will win the bracelet. But (you all know me) everyone will win something. Maybe these fabulous earrings. Perhaps, this hot pendant! And yes, if your numbers line up, just possibly a lucky number button.

So here are the rules. If you buy Sommer's book today, email me your name, mailing address, and lucky number (why not?) to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. That was simple, wasn't it? Oh, and sure, if you're international, I will ship to you. Because you shouldn't be penalized for living somewhere cool.

What else? Why not use the comments here to tell your lucky numbers to the world. Mine are 8 and 3. I have no earthly idea why. They always have been. You could also use the comments to say something nifty about Sommer. Like, damn, girl. Your stories always manage to turn me the fuck on.



Jvstin Tomorrow said...

I don't consider myself a very lucky person. I sometimes feel like I have a "Cooler" following me all the time.

(BTW, if you haven't seen the movie, The Cooler, go and rent it. It's an awesome vehicle for William H. Macy to do his thing. He plays a "cooler" for a casino, whose quasi-magical abilities to stop winning streaks in other players starts to fail when he finds romance of his own).

Anyway, the numbers I like and favor, which might be the same thing as lucky, are 3 and 8.

Alison Tyler said...

I haven't seen the film, but I like William Macy—I'll have to rent it. I've never even heard of the term before.

But you and I are Lucky Number Twins!


Cora Zane said...

Woot! Congrats on your new release, Sommer! (That is one gorgeous cover, BTW.)

My lucky numbers are 5 and 9.

Alison Tyler said...

Any particular reason, Cora? I always wonder. I don't know why I like 3 and 8. I just do.

Also, I have to tell you, I get a lot of hits to my blog from the search string "Cora's Porn." :)


jothemama said...

You like them because they look like tits 3 and an ass 8, Alison?

JM Stone said...

Mine are actually , 11, 13 and 17.

11 because it's the date of both of my anniversaries(when my hubby proposed to me quite jokingly three days after we met 11 years ago, and our wedding anniversary, 3 years ago).

13 because I always seem to have good days on Friday the 13th instead of the bad everyone else seems to have.

As for 17, I started using it years ago as part of my passwords - my birthday is 10/27 - 27-10=17 and it grew into a lucky number ;)

I know. I'm odd ;)

Cora Zane said...

AT, I do actually have reasons for liking those numbers. #9 is what I consider my lucky number because it's supposed to represent endings and new beginnings. I used to have a really cool link about all the cool properties of number 9 but alas, I checked and now I can't seem to find the site. :P

#5 is supposed to be a Virgo power number or some such thing, so I'm kinda keeping tradition with that one. I'd wear it on my shirt or whatever, but I definitely wouldn't bet the farm on a 5, though. I don't know enough about it.

And WOW - the "Cora's Porn" string bringing in hits! That's wild! :*)

Alison Tyler said...

Ha, Jo! Even my lucky numbers are dirty! Who knew? Well, I guess *you* did!

I just love hearing these. I wonder if people either like single digits or doubles. Does anyone like one single and one double? Just curious. As ever.


Smut Girl said...

me! 3 and 13. those are my luckies.

thx for this. was very nice! :) you should not have, but thank you.

heh heh. tits 3 and ass 8. bravo jo for spotting ;)


Alison Tyler said...

I didn't say 6 and 9. I had no idea my numbers were filthy. Jeepers. Dirty little numbers. Who'd have thought it?


Aurora Hunter said...

I don't know if I have a lucky number, but I am fond of the magical numbers, 3,5,9 and 13. 5 is my favorite number. And my husband is lucky number 9 for me if I'm counting bedpost notches.

Alison Tyler said...

Ha! Bedpost notches! I love that!


Angell said...

I don't think I have a lucky number, but being Italian, apparently 13 is supposed to be lucky for me.

My favourite number is 17 and I wore it both playing soccer and basketball. Amazingly enough, I had good seasons wearing that number.

So we'll go with that.

Confidant said...

Speaking of "coolers," there's a not-to-be-missed foreign thriller called INTACTO. It's about high-stakes gamblers who have learned the secret of accumulating luck (as if luck were a tangible commodity). In the film, there are people who track down sole survivors of plane crashes and such, since they clearly possess extraordinary luck, and recruit them to participate in bizarre games of chance. And there are "cooler" characters who can steal other people's luck by touching them -- like some sort of vampirism. It's a fascinating and quite stylish film.

My own lucky number is 8 on its side -- the infinity symbol. ;-)