May 14, 2009

I'm a Madman

cerulean said: "You are the madame (typed madman first) of the erotica blogs!"

I love typos like that. I have to say, Sommer and I rival each other in our typo-ridden emails back and forth emails. Which one of us fucks up more? I don't know. Yesterday, mine was: "Where is you going?"

But I do feel a bit more like a madman than a madame. So this typo fits. I've been burning the candle at both ends. In fact, I'm even a little singed in the middle. But that's okay, I think. Working keeps me grounded. The other day, I had to shuffle out of bed five times to write down notes for a story. (I have learned over the years that I am never, ever going to remember the middle-of-the-night rambling thoughts. I truly must get out of bed, walk to the dining room, and write the fuckers down.)

Anyway, I appreciate your willingness to follow the bouncing, um, me. Because I'm all over the place.
Oh, look—there I go now!



Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm not sure exactly why this inspires me, the well-oiled tin madman of legend, to address the two of you telegraphically via palindrome (and complain about the radio station's lack of variety) ...

SM/AT: Sommer's tin madman am. Damn, it's REM most a.m.'s.

: )

Angell said...

Follow the bouncing Alison....

and there she goes again.

Seriously, all the way to the living room? Isn't there an easier way of doing it?

Oh well, there is a method to everyone's madness. Who am I to question?

EllaRegina said...

I keep a little notebook and pen next to my bed, used for "brainstorms" -- ideas for stories and/or titles. There are also several small lined pads, each dedicated to a particular story-in-progress.

A big WOW to Jeremy and his palindromic genius!

cerulean said...

Perfect graphic for my comment. I was the weird '70s chick in love with gay Elton. Used to listen to him for hours. In my room. Door closed. Lights off. Trying to calm the voices in my head...

I have a leather journal that I keep by my bedside for the overflow. I don't even turn on the light anymore. I just open it and start writing. I read it later, when the sun comes up. Less scary.

Do what you need to do to deal with what you need to deal with. Write away, madame. I'll read.

But damn, Alison...I'm having a hard time keeping up!


Alison Tyler said...

Me, too, cerulean. Me, too!