May 04, 2009

It's just shocking...

Erobintica was so damn unhinged that some people were not claiming their buttons, that she took photos of *her* buttons to shame all of you slackers into... No, that's not right. I mean, Erobintica ever so sweetly sent me pics of her button collection, so that I might gently urge those busy souls who have not remembered to come forward and claim their:

a) fame
b) fucking buttons

All right. None of that is true except for the part about Erobintica sending me pictures of her buttons. But please, please, for the love of god please, let me know if you wrote any of the following so I can send you your prizes! Why? Because I will lose the buttons in some drawer somewhere, and in six months someone will email me about this prize or that prize, and I will go out of my ever loving mind ripping apart the porn closet.

Save my closet. Save my sanity. I'm looking for the writers of:

• Italian Silk Dessert
• stfu
• The Taste
• In the Pink
• Airy
• Glass People
• Autumn Mornings
• Just Like Candy
• The Restaurant Critic
• Love to Ride Bitch

I need the mailing addresses for all of those plus Opportunity. You don't have to take credit on the blog. If you're shy—or maybe, like, The President of the United States and don't need the X-rated publicity, you can just email me at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.


P.S. I'd make a lousy den mother, wouldn't I? No fucking patience at all. But I do have extra Dirty Girl Scout buttons. And I'm happy to send one your way if you just ask.


jothemama said...

Oo, Alison the den mother! Goodness. What a jamborree that would be!

Alison Tyler said...

I think my jamboree might look something like this.


Smut Girl said...

hey! the blow hard tour button is on there! is that too cool for school? lurve it. love the dirty girl scout button. it is a personal fave.

erobintica is quite the character. she wrote quite the little ditty in my comments on the 'who long did it take you to hide all the porn?" blog. she made a little song for your dirty granny, AT :) ha!

Erobintica said...

well of course the BHT2009 button is there in all it's pink glory. Honestly, I really did wear that on my jean jacket the whole tour.

And, hehe, if Alison was den mother I might not have dropped out of scouts - hehe - though, methinks that would be impossible since I'm older than her I'm sure. If I ever find that picture of me in my uniform, I'll scan that and send it. har har har

I'm thinking of doing that little granny ditty in counted cross stitch (not that I know how to do that). Frame it ya know.

EllaRegina said...

Am I seeing things, Erobintica, or is that your original Girl Scout Badge Sash?