May 17, 2009

man likes it when a girl fingers his ass?
is he gay?

Well, is he?

Excuse me, I think I just channeled Dirty Harry. "Does Dirty Harry like it when a girl fingers his ass?" I'm going to say yes, because I think Dirty Harry is just one fuck of a filthy lover.

I was just talking to Georgia about this. Her opinion is that most men would like to own the experience of being fucked up the ass at least once (by another man or a woman with a strap-on). My opinion is that the line between hetero and bi is more blurry than most people admit to.

And *your* opinion is...?

The googler who typed in this search string landed here.

And the one who typed in: fucking hot lady with monkey landed here.

I'm guessing neither one found what they wanted. But you can help. (Not with the monkey one, please.) But with the other.

Girl fingers his ass. He likes it. Does he now want to fuck this man? Or is he simply in need of a little of this?


P.S. I have a fabulous prize to give away to a commenter today. I am going to put up a whole little blog about it shortly. But, damn, the book is fucking gorgeous!


Shanna Germain said...

Oh, god, is there nothing sexier than a man who's open-minded enough to know that he wants something, anything in his ass? Oh, fuck me. I could just get off on that alone.

What, there was a question there somewhere, right?

I have to go on the fence here, and say it depends on the man, and it depends on where they're at in their lives. It seems to be that many guys (and girls too), get more open-minded as they get older.

Fingers, eros toys, strap-on, real life cock... It's hard to say unless we ask them which one(s) they want, right?

Now, hm... who can I go ask?

-eyes some hot Scottish guy on the street-

Excuse me, sir!

Alison Tyler said...

Ha! I hadn't even thought of making it an assignment. Like, I ask you. And then you ask two people, and then so on and so on...

What'd the Scott say?


JM Stone said...

I don't know that enjoying anal stimulation means anything, one way or the other. It's just another erogenous zone to be enjoyed, if the person enjoys it.

It's one of the unfortunate mindsets in our culture nowadays - that boils things down too far, over simplifying things. There more to being homosexual than the sex. It's enjoying the body of someone of the same sex, sure, but there's a whole plethora of other aspects that go into it.

Personally, I'd have sex with a woman, but please don't ask me to have a relationship with one(personal experience here - women jut break my heart into itty bitty pieces).

It's just too simply, to say that a man who likes having his ass fingered is gay, or wants to be fucked up the ass. He can have his ass fingered, or even filled with a buttplug, without being in the vunerable position of being bent over, without yielding. Being taken anally, I think, has as much to do with the mental surrender of control as with the pleasure of the act itself.

Alison Tyler said...

And how about the googler who typed in "fucking hot lady with monkey"?

Just kidding.


JM Stone said...

LOL...sorry AT...just don't have any clue about that one!!

Jvstin Tomorrow said...

The ass is a "forbidden" erogenous zone to a lot of heterosexual males.

"Oh, no, I'm NOT gay. I don't do that. I don't like guys." Et cetera.

I'm open minded enough to realize that its an erogenous zone and should be treated as such. It's not something I *crave*, but stimulation there, done right, can be very pleasurable.

And given my Kinsey score, I wouldn't mind read about women stimulating a man's anal erogenous zone, oh yes.

Alison Tyler said...

Oooh, are we sharing Kinsey scores at 6:52 a.m.? I love that!


Shanna Germain said...

The Scott says, "Yo won't know until you try me."

Oh, yum.

Sorry, be back later...

Alison Tyler said...

We expect a full report...
There will be an oral portion.
You'll be graded on details, so take notes!


Sophia said...

I was on the subway the other day with a male friend who said,"I don't know what it is lately, but all these girls I'm seeing just love shoving things up my ass." He wasn't complaining, mind you. It was very matter of fact, but it did make everyone turn around to look at us.

I've always thought gay or nay depends on who it is that the guy would want to do said penetrating. Otherwise I'd say it's just a kinky good time.

Alison Tyler said...

I want to ride on the subway with you, Sophia!


13messages said...

It's such a tough stigma, isn't it. The truth is simple: Gay is less about what you want done to you and more about who you want to do it to you. :)

That said, one of my favorite sexual experiences was when a lover surprised me by putting her tongue to my ass. Wow! What feels good feels good.

I love your blog and should really get better about commenting more often. Now where's that "fucking hot lady with monkey"?

Alison Tyler said...

Thanks so much, 13!

And I definitely agree wit this:

fucking hot lady with monkey.

Wait! No! I mean this:

What feels good feels good.XXX,

jothemama said...

Hmm. I don't know about gay. I just think an ass is a terrible thing to waste.

I looked for a picture of a beautiful woman with a monkey but all I found was this

Erobintica said...

laughing at Jo's comment "an ass is a terrible thing to waste" - I love that line - that would make a great button!

Well, as far as I know, my guy is not gay, and he seems to like it. I don't think he'll be reading these comments so I'm probably safe saying so. *waves* just in case.

And personally, I don't think there are any lines, sexuality is a continuum along which we are free to slide if we so want.

Ah, this is such a nice way to spend a Sunday morning!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I just think an ass is a terrible thing to waste.I'm laughing at that, too. In fact, I'm rolling on the floor, laughing my terrible-thing-to-waste off!

Amanda Young said...

Nah, I don't think liking anal stimulation makes a guy gay. It just feels good because men have so many nerve endings back there.

Aurora Hunter said...

I personally don't think a guy is gay if he wants his ass played with. I have sadly never come across one who wants me to do it to him. After my hubby introduced me to the wonderful world of anal play, I asked if he'd like me to return the favor, not necessarily fucking it, but gently touching it, or licking it. The answer has always been a big No. I think it reminds him of a certain unpleasant medical procedure. Which makes me sad for him, because I think he would enjoy it as much as I do! And an ass is a terrible thing to waste, I completely agree!

Anonymous said...

We haven't tried strap-on anal sex yet, but my wife has used her tongue, fingers, and a glass dildo in my ass. I can't speak for all guys, but for me it isn't about top/bottom role playing, it isn't about humiliation, it isn't about gender reversal or gay sex fantasies (not that there's anything wrong with that) -- for me it's just another in a long list of pleasurable sexual activities.

ste said...

I also agree that an ass is a terrible thing to waste!

Hmm, my short answer is no. Like others have said, anal play is just something that feels good. But then, I'm someone who'd welcome either another man or a woman with a strap-on. In the meantime, I'll have to struggle on with my collection of toys!

Amy S. said...

I don't think that would make them gay.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, perhaps, I asked myself the same question a few years ago, after my girlfriend treated me to a mind-blowing ass-fingering -- something she'd enjoyed receiving from me for quite some time. Her response to my momentary identity crisis (bless her for not smacking me upside my goofy head) was to ask if I liked it (oh yeah) and if I wanted a dude to to do the same thing to me (uh, that'd be a no).

Net conclusion -- which should have been obvious to me all along: Anything we do with/to/for each other is, by definition, straight sex: She's a woman, I'm a guy. The specific mixing and matching of appendages, toys foodstuffs, etc. to body parts and openings doesn't -- and can't--change that.

lorney said...

I'm a guy and I love it put the ass I use bananas and I just told my bf to buy me a dildo. I also told her to buy a strapon. I don't consider myself gay or bi. I love to do it and I don't mind bending over on a bed get geting fucked.