June 15, 2009

I Heart Sommer

Have you ever had one of those conversations with a friend that makes you weep? Where you're laughing so hard that you cannot even speak? That was me and Sommer the other night—via email, not in person or on the phone. I told her about an anniversary dinner I went to a few years back. Sam and I hit this fancy place, known for their whimsical menus. On the night we went, the prix fixe included pigeon. Claw still attached. The menu was hysterical—the salad wasn't a salad. It was "watercress purloined from the point." So Sommer asked if the main course was "pigeon pilfered from Mr. Smith's birdbath."

When I told her that the meal ultimately cost nearly $200, she typed:

goddamn. for 200 dollars they could at least declaw that fucker!
they took all the feathers off right or was that extra?

I was dying, typing and laughing, wiping tears from my eyes—knowing it was 11:30 her time, and she was probably a little wee bit buzzed (no judgment) and still able to make me laugh out loud.

And then this morning—with a whole slew of ideas to hit you with—I type in "surrealism" and land on an I heart Pigeon button. And fuck. Can't even remember what else I was going to say. Just hey—happy Monday. Hope yours is glorious. Stop in and vote if you can. Do something nice if you want to win. Write me a little smut if you're so inclined.

And enjoy the pigeon.
Claw optional.



Smut Girl said...

oh god. was laughing so so hard when I wrote that. truly a 'cracking myself up' moment. riddled with typos until i fixed them!


Alison Tyler said...

And cracking me up, too. Typos, shympos. I am all about the content, baby.


Cora Zane said...

Happy Monday! ^_^

EllaRegina said...

When did the pigeon become Surrealism's mascot? :-0

Alison Tyler said...

No clue, ER! And CZ, aren't you impressed I knew it was Monday?!


Anonymous said...

I AM impressed you knew it was Monday!
you're a hoot!