June 07, 2009

"I'm not going to fuck you."

Truly. I have a nice ass. I'm not bragging, you know, just stating a fact. I was robbed in the tits department, and I'm as tall as a Polly Pocket (according to Sommer), if that'll make you feel better. But I have a nice ass. An ass that wears jeans well. And today, it is sore as holy fuck.

Because yesterday I sidle through Sam's office while he's trying to work. I move casually, dressing. Blue jeans. White MTV shirt. Red patent leather clogs. We're supposed to take things easy. The fact that we've fucked four days straight isn't exactly taking things easy. But I know Sam. He's tough.

"I'm not going to fuck you," he says when he feels my eyes on him.
I shrug. No problem. Chrome-streaked dark hair goes in the ponytail. Glossy lipstick on the lips.

"But I am going to spank the shit out of you."
No more posing. Knees go weak.

"Would it be cliche for me to tell you to assume the position?"
Would it be cliche for my heart to start pounding so hard I can hear the drum beat in my ears?

He's got the belt ready. The fucker. Looped up and buckled. He pushes me down on the mattress, and then he does this thing that makes me want to scream. He slaps me, lightly, with the belt, and says, so sweetly, "Do you want more?"


"Then say the word 'More.'"

"More, please," I say, my breath catching in my throat.

Again, he taps me. So that I'm left in that hazy, woozy feeling. Ready for pain, and getting pat-a-cake instead.

"More?" he asks, as if curious, as if detached.
Jesus. Yeah. All right? Okay? Yeah. I want more. Way more. Much more. But he makes me say it. And I don't want to say it. I'm squirming, cute patent leather clogs sliding on each other, ass wriggling.

"No matter how you twitch your hips, no matter how high you raise your ass, you're not getting anything unless you say the word." There's ice in his tone.

And damn—the belt meets my jeans-clad ass hard. Really hard. No more going slow. No warm up.

Then nothing except: "Say the word." Sadist.

The belt slices into me through the jeans. I'm lucky to be wearing Levis. I know. But I'm waiting for him to simply start. So I can bury my head in the blankets, not think, not worry, not wonder, not hope, not pray. Just float on it. And he doesn't. Damn him. He makes me talk.

"You want another, don't you? Needling."
"Say it."

And I wonder if he realizes what I already know. I'll never not ask for another. I'm wired like that. Yeah, I'm small. 5'4" and thin. But I will not cave. Will not break. I don't know what it would take.

On we go. "More." "More." "More." Until I'm throbbing, and I know, he's not going to fuck me. He's not. Until, you see, he does. But first he says, "You've had enough?"

...and I don't know what to say. Because I'm not crying, but my ass is hot and swollen, and I'm so wet my jeans feel as if I've stepped into a pool.

So I don't say a word, and then he lets loose, slaps that belt against me and says, "I say when you've had enough," and the release is almost overwhelming. He's taken over. I can give up. When he fucks me, I swear to god, he makes me feel like a man—I can't tell you how or why, but the way he pulls on me, jerks on me, takes me. I'm transformed.

"I'll punish you tomorrow," he says, mouth to my ear. "For making me have to fuck you today."

I'm pushed over the edge. Coming so hard. Near and far. Lost and found.

My body's liquified. The pleasure slow and sweet like dark molasses.
He stirs me.



EllaRegina said...

AT, you guys really know how to do things!

neve black said...

Holy crap, AT, that's hot.

I'm envious, but happy as hell for you too. :-)

jothemama said...

Hmm. Why is Sam working so soon? I disapprove.

I'm assuming all the sex endorphins are speeding his recovery, so I suppose you're not really being so bold, seducing him, with your ass and all ;)

I was just thinking the other day, while perusing a particularly perfect ass in a spanking photo, how nice it would have been to have such a one.

I want a transmogrifier, like the machine in Fifth Element. I'd rewrite everything. You'd have to send me the programme for your ass :)

Emerald said...


Dan said...

Your words are golden, AT. Thank you for letting us behold.

badlands99 said...

I get my A.T. fix in Google reader, but I just had to come here in person to offer praise for this piece. You make with the purty words while making with the dirty words. Very nice.

Alison Tyler said...

I'm all a blush. You fucking rock, people.


Smut Girl said...

i say hell yeah. you should bend over and moon! oh wait. that's what did it the first time sorta. as i said...you should bend over and moon! ;)


jothemama said...

So, more with the poetic and intimate details of your sex life, please?

Are you with me, people?