June 25, 2009

"That BSDM Stuff"

Yesterday, I got together for coffee with a friend who wanted to tell me a story. This happens a lot (and has happened to me forever). I think I simply have the look of someone who wants to hear what you've done in bed.

Anyway, this is a vanilla friend. (How do I know? Because I tasted her.) And she started to tell me a tale of what happened with her latest boyfriend. The two of them had been discussing their mutual fantasy of her fucking another guy. (See how I was totally wrong about her being vanilla? See how I'm a really cool person and will tell you all when I'm totally wrong?) They spent a few months fucking like people who like to fuck while going over their scenario in a variety of ways. Finally, they decided she'd go off and do another guy.

But she couldn't.

She tried. She flirted.
The other guy was willing.
But she couldn't seal the deal.

When she came home, her beau was all riled up, hard and excited to hear the news, and she said, "Look, I think I could do it next time, if you were there to hold me down."

This is when I fell off my chair and had to go put band-aids on my knees. I mean, holy fuck. When did my vanilla friends go rainbow swirl? So then she said the cutest thing of all time. "I'm not really into that BSDM stuff, but I thought if he was there, holding me, I could let myself go."

So that's their plan. Next time, he'll be there.
And I'll be over here, with my bowl of vanilla ice cream, feeling bowled over.


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Marina said...

"I'm not really into that BSDM stuff, but I thought if he was there, holding me, I could let myself go."

You know, somehow I just totally understand that! I like your rainbow swirly friend!

joss lockwood said...

Am I the only one who found this story just incredibly sweet along with the hotness? Awwww. :)

Danielle de Santiago said...

no joss..me too..not so hot but totally sweet and adorable..:-)

Shanna Germain said...

I'm so sorry... I got stuck at "Because I tasted her" and couldn't get any farther.

No, really, I did. But I had to read that line like, six or seven times before I could go on :)

Donna said...

Yep, I'm with Shanna. I imagined you licking her right there in the restaurant. Behind her ear.

And then I imagined the boyfriend holding her down while....

This is gonna show up in a story some day. I just feel it ;-).

Alison Tyler said...

Hey all you beauties—I love other early risers, I must say! And DSG, my guess is that SG wasn't thinking "ear." But let's let her say for herself... I hate putting, um, words in other people's mouths...


Jeremy Edwards said...

For what it's worth, I imagined me licking her arm. Er ... you. I imagined you licking her arm.

Donna said...

Yep, I've read enough of Shanna's stories to know she had another female part in mind ;-). But a taste-tester has to start somewhere, especially in a restaurant, right?

Erobintica said...

maybe she's vanilla - but like at coldstone - with all the goodies smooshed in. a little of this, a little of that

Hmmm. hell, now I want some ice cream - or something else. ;-)

neve black said...

I've been in the midst of moving and I feel terribly late to the party. I have to agree with Shanna here, Alison, I couldn't get past you tasting your friend. I loved that!

I also think her story is sweetly romantic, and sweltering hot at the same time. What more could you ask for, eh?

I may go get ice cream later, b/c it's been so freaking hot here this week - yep, rainbow swirl for me. :-)

Thank you for sharing. Sorry to be late.

EllaRegina said...

Is there vanilla ice cream for everyone? I'll come, too, to watch your friend let herself go...

Alison Tyler said...

I have to say—my favorite part of her confession was "That BSDM stuff." Because I'm thinking, "What does she believe the letters stand for?"

Bull Shit Dom Masochist ...

I mean, I just think that's so charming.