June 27, 2009

"Trying Something New"

Scarlett says: Morning Alison :)

The following is an unfinished piece I've been working on for a while. It fits your request, however, so I thought I'd send it your way :)

I've snipped just a bit of the fabulous story—maybe Scarlett will post the rest on her blog if you ask her really nice... Oh, and Charlotte, baby, you're next!


Trying Something New
by Scarlett Greyson

"Lift your head and keep your eyes closed." The command was low and close, and I began to quiver like a spooked horse. The cool, slippery sensation of silk wrapped around my eyes, and I nearly moaned as his body heat radiated into me. The blindfold was tied snugly, and I jerked as he thumbed one of my nipples briefly. "Now, since you insist on being disobedient, let me be clear. Do not move, speak only when spoken to, otherwise, do not make a sound. Your transgressions have been noted, and will have to be addressed." I bit my lip to keep a whimper from escaping, and a low, confident chuckled tickled my ear. "Good girl." He moved away with a soft whisk of sound, and I was left in the dark.

I shifted ever so slightly, resting my weight on my other foot, and easing the pressure on my wrists. The silk around my eyes warmed quickly to my body temperature, and the inability to see quickly brought my position to my attention. My wrists were clipped together to something about a foot over my head, a chain, I thought, as I had noticed a significant amount of movement when I had erroneously turned to look at him. The restraints dug into my skin, hinting at the sensations they would cause later. I curled my toes against the carpet, feeling the cuffs around my ankles shift with the movement, as I strained for a hint of sound, anything to clue me in to his activity. After an agonizing long silence, his voice drifted across the room, moving closing as he spoke, his words sending flushes of heat through my body.

"What to do with you...what to do. I didn't expect you to be so wanton, or so disobedient...."


No, really. Go pound on Scarlett's door and ask for more!


P.S. It's still June. Anyone want to surprise me for my birthday? I think I need one.


EllaRegina said...

I'm pounding on your door, Scarlett. More! More!

By the way, doesn't that photograph perfectly illustrate the snippet's first line?

Scarlett Greyson said...

I loved that photo. Gorgeous!

I'm hoping to give ya'll more this week, ER! I thought I'd finish the piece before posting it to my blog. ;)

Donna said...

Oh, my, more, more indeed! Absolutely delicious, Scarlett :-).