July 01, 2009

"after having dreamy sex"

I'm stealing that line from Jo. Because "after having dreamy sex"—I mean, sexy dreams—two nights ago, I had an unbelievable night last night. God, sometimes my dreams are so effing real. In my dream, I was having a fight with a man, a film director I knew years ago. Tough, edgy, opinionated. And in the middle of the fight, he simply had enough of me and said in an exasperated voice, "That's it. This is what you need," and he pulled me to him, ripped open my indigo jeans, and put me over his lap.

He spanked the hell out of me, his huge hand coming down over and over on my white panties, and then he pushed me off his lap, and I found myself just sort of curled in a corner at the edge of a bed. Arms wrapped around my legs, knees to my chin. I was trembling all over, but what I wanted was more.

Don't I always want more?

He, on the other hand, was continuing the fight as if he hadn't punctuated the middle of the disagreement with a blistering spanking. My arguments had evaporated. I didn't have anything else to say. But I wanted to crawl over his lap once more. So I sat there, listening, eyes wide, hoping somehow he'd understand.

And he looked at me with such withering impatience, and said, "Jesus Christ, you can't be serious," and then sat on the bed again and hauled me back over his lap, this time pulling my panties down and using his big palm on my bare skin. His hand landed on my ass repeatedly, and every few blows he'd spank my cunt with his fingertips.

I came from the spanking—in my dreams and I have to guess in my bed—because I woke up all wet and flushed. And ready for more.

Told you. That's me. I always want more.


P.S. I am in lust. This is a spanking patch! And look, you can earn your slut patch, too! Oh, my god—now I want to start a group of Dirty Girl Scouts! And we can all earn our patches...


jothemama said...

Are you sure these are dreams.

Perhaps you realy do need a spanking patch. You know, for thos times when you're in a spank free zone. Like the airplane. Or the gorcery store. Or the car... oh, wait hang on a second. Maybe you don't need a patch at all?

Dakota Rebel said...

I am SO in for dirty girl scouts.


Elise said...

I hated the girl scouts when I was in it, too much creativity and not enough sexual tension.

Dirty girl scouts however sounds promising and I'm sure to move higher in the ranks. We could decoupage porn pictures onto picture frames and knit sex toy cozies. Then someone could teach us the fine art of building a fire...in someone's heart with just lingerie and a few old school seduction techniques.

EllaRegina said...

I'll join your troop. I see a few badges I'd like to earn.

Asian Escort New York said...

You're physique and intellect are sooo hot. You are so great with reviews and analogy. I think I'm lusting too much for your writing already.

Angell said...

Count me in. This will be much more fun the second time around. Do we get sleep away camp too?

Elise said...

We should get patches and buttons! Or maybe I'm just greedy!

Monik said...

Spanking is nice i like it

Danielle de Santiago said...

...somehow i feel like jeremy craig bak and me are often just screwed by the gender card..fuck me pumps..dirty girln scout..and what will we guys do meanwhile????