July 07, 2009

fluid and shocking and beautiful

So I made my first e-novella sale for Banging Rebecca... to Nikki Magennis! She took the time to write and say: Great idea. Fabulous story, of course. So beautifully written. So fluid and shocking and beautiful. And sexxxxy...

And she knows a thing or six about sex and music, as she's the author of the amazing novel The New Rakes!

Ta very much, Nikki. You made my day!



Cora Zane said...

Congratulations on your sale!!! :D

Emerald said...

I would add "intense and breathless and mesmerizing" to the list of adjectives. A great read, Alison!! Thanks!

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, thanks so much Emerald & Cora, too!
I really appreciate it!