July 02, 2009

I am charmed...

...by "wanting to go where you will see your wife see a cock at a nude beach..."

How about you?



jothemama said...

I want to go where my husband will see his wife see a huge cake, with her face in it.

And on that theme, I thought it said 'man in pantry'.

Marina said...

Oh, I wanna go there, too! I want to see him seeing his wife seeing a cock at a nude beach!

Really - where are some nude beaches?

Alison Tyler said...

Well, after having man in kitchen last night, man in pantry is definitely doable!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Man in the pantry? Sounds like you've got a full house! And the only thing that beats that is an orgasmic flush.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Sounds like you've got a full house!

P.S. No wonder you don't have room for 10,000 books, with your cupboards full of naked men.

EllaRegina said...

Why am I imagining a cock, just lolling around, getting a tan all by itself, no body attached to it? It's even using one of those sun reflectors. I don't know how, without hands, but it's managing.

Again, the best search strings evah.

Cora Zane said...

I want to go there too!

Actually, the only place I can think of like that would be Sorobon Beach. I researched that place for book. *cough* Yes, really, it was all research... ~_^

Elise said...

I am intrigued...I had my man in the kitchen last night as well..cooking dinner for me.

Scarlett Greyson said...

There used to be a nude beach about an hour from where I grew up. My mom wouldn't let me go there.

I wonder if it's still there now?

That is one great search string!

EllaRegina said...

Marina, here are some nude beach references, for your birthday suit bathing pleasure.

Erobintica said...

LOL at ER's disembodied cock - then in swoops a seagull

sorry - am in a very strange mood today - must be all the rain and lack of sun

Danielle de Santiago said...

hm..actually i live just about 40 minutes from a nude beach..but i have no wife..do i have to go alone now?..naww...who wants to be miss de santiago for a brief beach trip..hmmm?

Marina said...

Wow, thanks ER! I really had no idea!

Now, I'm in Ohio, so we don't really have beaches per se. (Dirty sand along the shores of Lake Erie?) But, I see in one of the links that you've provided that, "Many city parks in Columbus, Ohio allow both sexes to go topless." Who knew???

And, hey, where is Scotty and his transporter beam when you need him! Would love to beam over and check out the beaches, Danielle!

and, @ Robin: Ouch!

Danielle de Santiago said...


yes..where are the lillte big eared guys when we need them???