August 25, 2009

P is for Pet Words

Every day someone tries to post a comment on my blog.

The comment comes in like this:


I used Babelfish to translate to:

オ ○ ニ ー ラ イ フ の お the hand 伝 い, rescue department で H な sees せ た が り the female か ら エ ロ to write メ, ム ー ビ ー を ゲ ッ ト し よ う! Near の female の sub-な ら 実 border に gathers っ て the H な matter が で き ち ゃ う か も!? Summer で opening に な っ て い る female の sub-と You んじ ゃ お う

And then this:

H it will wish to show in the helping of [o] ○ knee life and rescue section, from the woman [ero] copying [me], the movie will get! If the girl of neighborhood really being agreeable, H thing to be possible, the [chi] [ya] [u] whether!? The girl and playing summer it has become open it is concave

What's funny is that "concave" is one of my pet words.

From Pierced:

Her belly button was next. She didn’t have to get naked this time. She lifted her shirt, let him see her nearly concave stomach. His breath here made her clench her thighs together under her knee-length plaid skirt.

From Picture Perfect:

Slowly, I dripped the wax over his naked skin, watching him squirm and twist. I enjoyed the spectacle, and I continued to make pinpoint drops around his hard nipples, then worked my way down that sensual plane of his concave stomach, onto his tender inner thighs. And then, when the wax had cooled and hardened, I brought my mouth to the same spots and licked and lapped at them, confusing him with the warring sensations.

From The ESP Affair:

One of his hands trailed down her concave belly, his fingers tickling her skin. With finesse, he slid his hand between her supple thighs, then carefully ran his fingertips up and down. With each touch—and each thrust—he brought her closer to that tantalizing finish line, a magical place where they would both melt together into the passion of sizzling summer bliss.

I know I use the word enough not to use it any more than I do. There are a few words like this in my stable. One, I've just given up and made my trademark: Glossy. Fuck it. I like the word. (284 docs on my hard drive contain glossy.) Caress was my pet word when I first started writing. An editor kindly pointed out that everything was caressing everything else in my stories.

How about you? Do you have any pet words?



T. Elle Harrison said...

Slick...definitely. Slick is my favorite pet word. It brings so many naughty thoughts to mind. Mons is a strong would be the first, but it's the sort of word that can't be used too often.

Alison Tyler said...

Oooh, I like slick!

Hey, did anyone else read that David Lodge book — maybe it was Small World, or Changing Places — one of the characters has a computer program that figures out which words are used most often in a document, and wickedly tells an author that his pet word is "greasy."


Dakota Rebel said...

I have a few, but the worst is 'down.' Every time I finish a novel I have to go through and do a search for the word 'down' and clear up all of my word reps.

What can I say? I like to go down and so do my characters. That's my kind of happily ever after.


jothemama said...

Oh God.

I'm writing something at the moment. The doc is open. I thought I'd look and see if there was anything familiar.

It's torn. I say it all the time. I write it all the time. Help me!

Still, it's not as bad as 'greasy'.

Emerald said...

I suspect I use the word "hard" rather prominently. Not only for the obvious reason, but because of people fucking hard, pulling one's hair hard, even giving hard looks. Etc.

I hadn't really thought about that before. :)

Btw I've had blog posts like that too — the same certain one(s) that keep getting spammed. If that one is anything like some of the ones my site has received, it wouldn't have made much sense even if it had been posted in English, heh. :)

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Clicked through to this old post from Sommer's blog and decided that the first translated spam comment sounds like the roots of a poem. So thank you, random Asian spammer, and thank you for posting the random spam. :-)