August 12, 2009

Trading Spouses

I had this idea a year ago. I'll dig out my notes so you can see how weirdly my mind is wired. The first note simply said: "What would make a girl do it?" Or something like that. My query (to myself) was: What would make a happily married, totally monogamous couple decide to trade spouses?

The Trade came out of the query. Or it's coming out of the query. See, I'm putting up the novel in installments. I teased you with a bit a few weeks ago. Now, I have the opening 6K (25 pages) up for sale.

Jo did me the extreme honor of proofing the piece. She wrote me notes in scarlet ink—and she caught a lot of glitches. I entered all of her changes this morning. But my favorite part was when I came upon this note from her (in parentheses):

I had just shaken my head, standing mute, wondering how on earth he had managed to slip his way into my darkest fantasies. (I’m finding it a little hard to concentrate here)

That let me know I was doing my job!

I'll have the Kindle version up shortly. And, as ever, if you buy the piece—please send me your feedback. I'll post and link to your blog or website, if you'd like.


P.S. The amazing Riendo took the photo shot!

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Angell said...

I missed the bit, going to have to go back and read. I'm so far behind!

But, um, yeah, that line would have my mind wandering too. (and it does in fact)