August 18, 2009

Who's Got Short-Shorts?


I've got short-shorts. I've had them for years. They're denim, button fly—I moved into a new apartment in them over a decade ago. For some reason, I can't get rid of certain clothes. I still have the top I wore, too—sheer, gold, from Bebe. I'm strange. I know. But short-short stories—I've had those much longer. My first published collection of shorts was Girls on the Go, which had 69 stories. Oh, wait, maybe my first collection was Bondage on a Budget—there are 69 short stories in that one, too. I have 69 shorts in Down & Dirty. (Yeah. Me and 69. We go way back.) And 45 in Down & Dirty 2Got a Minute featured a story for each minute of an hour. Frenzy has 60, as well, from 51 different authors.

Why do I like short fiction so much?
Because I have the attention span of a flea.

Maybe. But really—I like to be able to dip in and out of anthologies. To read a book in bites.

There's also such skill involved in being able to tell a story in a limited space. When I was a freshman, I beat out over 300 students for a coveted spot on the radio station. The studio director said my 50-word essay was the only one that didn't begin: "I want to be a deejay because..." Mine was a 50-word murder mystery in which my mother stabbed my father for spinning Neil Diamond discs, and I dedicated my life to playing progressive rock.

The same year, my Ancient Greek history class was given an assignment to describe a character from the Iliad or the Odyssey in 100 words. I wrote a 100-word personal advertisement from Zeus. "Married Greek God seeks wood nymph..." I've said this before, but my piece was read aloud in a room of 500 students by the professor who said, "This is how not to get an A in my class." I got a C-. And dropped out of school for awhile. (Bitter? Me? Never.) I simply went and worked on a newspaper where people appreciated my off-beat style. And I never lost my flair for short-short fiction.

I'm going to be giving away a few copies of my short-short books today. How can you win? Tell me about a quickie you had—the best one, the most memorable, the one that exists only in your mind. You know me. I'm easy. Just remember my rules: over 18, no incest, no bestiality, no kidding!



Nikki Magennis said...

A pack of us roamed the late night streets with a stolen bicycle and a two-litre bottle of vodka. He kept his eyes fixed on me. Back in my room, we talked about wilderness, but the words didn’t mean anything.

All that meant anything was how grabbed me and slid into bed, fast and skinny. He ate me with his mouth wide open. When he put his cock in me – blunt, monstrous and wonderful – it stopped the breath in my throat.
He took what he needed and left behind a hot, fierce joy that burns whenever I think of him.


riendo said...

Tease Me To Please Me
I met him a month prior to the day of the actual 'event'. Him and I along w/ his band members went out one night all in his car, I left my car parked outside his home. I had to go home very quickly for some reason, so I asked him to take me really quick. On the way out I didn't realize that I left my keys at home.
We arrived back at his house around 12 midnight. Dazed and confused I couldn't find my keys. Finally I thought maybe I left them at home. On a quick trip home turns out my dad had them and didn't want to give them back. Irritated about my dad being so difficult I went back to the car and said, take me to my aunts house. We dropped of the last person and on our way back home we were.
I was attracted to him instantly, from the first moment I saw him, I found him irresistible.
Photographer by day rock star by night.
He asked me on the way home if I was interested in posing for him, I said I would love to. Who wouldn't like to have photos taken by someone w/ actual talent, I lie I would have said yes to anything he would have asked of me, I wanted him that's all I knew. 2 am we arrived at his home. Right to business we go to his room, he tells me to get undressed-I did, (the shyness I carried for 20 years didn't show that night.)
I wanted him, hoped he wanted me just as much. I remember him walking around me seeing the flash of the camera go off, time after time again.
I, excited by that time for some reason can't remember how we ended up in the bed him on top of me, but i remember the kisses, the groping, (my favorite tease-the wait.)
Shamelessly I asked him, "put it in me", I could tell he wanted to, but made me wait, I said, "just one time, just in and out, please I just want to feel you, just once-that's all I want"
In and out, worth the wait- I can still feel the pleasure I felt that night, his thickness was so... We let out a deep moan. We were pleased.

Sophia Valenti said...

He called me from JFK. His voice smooth, his accent coloring his words the way I remembered so well. His plane had landed moments before. There was an important, last-minute business deal that caused him to drop everything and fly to another continent. He had a free hour before they were expecting him at a meeting in midtown.

I left work early, and he was waiting there on the street, wearing a crisp, white shirt, faded jeans and that sexy smile that haunted my memories. After a happy kiss and warm embrace, we headed to a small motel on the Lower East Side. It was hot, quick and dirty—and over far too soon. Afterward, we parted, heading back to our separate lives. I never saw him again.

Sam and Tavile said...

Dont Need Words

We worked onboard a cruiseship together. He was a hot, wanted Jamaican and I an unexplored Canadian girl.

He saw me as I saw him. Always smiling and knowing there was something behing those stolen glances. I was involved with an ass and he didnt want to intrude.

I called him over one night and said "im not going to the party tonight right away". I let him decide what that meant.

Not in my cabin 10 minutes and my phone rang. "Come here. Now." *click*

I find the door open and lights on. Me in a denim skirt and black seethrough top. Him in boxers only.
Before the door slammed behind me I was engulfed by him. Hands grabbing my ass, his cock pressed so hard into me. Deeper kisses than Ive ever had. He pulled me to the bed. Kissing me all the way down to my skirt. I try to take my top off. "No. Dont". I leave it and enjoy his amazing tongue taking every advantage of my wet pussy. He stands up and I immediately slide his boxers off from around his fully erect cock. Fully shaven rock hard body black man cock in my face. I am so excited all I can do is stare. Soon enough he has grabbed my hair and shoves it into my mouth. I moan in pleasure and suck gladly. So big I cant fit him all the way in. He pulls me off and pushes my skirt up and slams my body into the wall. My pussy aching immediately from the pressure of his body and huge cock. The contrast in our skins slamming together made me cum so fast.

I could barely contain my screams as he exploded inside me. Another deep fuck inside and he was out and cleaning up in the bathroom. I didnt want to wash. I left his room and went to the party on top deck in the moonlight to find my then boyfriend unsuspecting.
"Sorry babe, had an important phone call."

The Jamaican came up the stairs moments later and my pussy would have literally gravitated towards his cock had I not been held down.

We still chat but we have always wanted to relive that intense moment we shared years ago.

Scarlett Greyson said...

Stolen Moment

The in-laws arrived before I got home from work. I simmered, a teapot about to scream.

I gave him a look over my sister-in-law's shoulder, a glance over my niece's head. I pressed my hand against the heat of his neck, whispered in his ear, "I need you."

Up the stairs I went, shedding my clothes inside the bedroom door. His hands were on me as I tugged my shirt over my head. “Suck me.”

On my knees, my mouth full, surrendering to his hands as he fucked my mouth, shivering with my power that made his knees tremble.