September 22, 2009

Commie Pinko

Oh, I love this button! And, of course, it's by Bean Forest!

I have to say, I've become rather bold when talking about Sam and our health insurance nightmare. I don't talk about the situation in regards to the whole health care discussion. But some people have fully attacked me for speaking out. It's odd. I'm not saying how to fix what's going on. I'm only saying what's going on. This is *our* experience. I'm pulling no punches, because I simply can't. I'm as naked as I can possibly be.

What I find surprising is the folks who seem to believe that we've done something wrong. That if we had planned better, somehow, we would not be in this situation. We pay our insurance. We get regular physicals. The treatment costs money. More money than we actually have. I guess we could be richer.

That's where we fucked up. Clearly.



Erobintica said...

oh, yeah, badly planned, that's it, omfg

Jeremy Edwards said...

What I find surprising is the folks who seem to believe that we've done something wrong.

Sheesh—"blame the victim." What a warped attitude.

Isabel Kerr said...

Sweetie pie, don't get me started on why people's lives should be treated like poker chips, where the house takes all. People's health and in fact lives are on the line and big insurance, pharmaceuticals and other medical industry types, are laughing all the way to the bank. This should not be russian roullette. I'm with you here even if I don't manage to speak up all the time. Health care should not be a huge profit making machine and people should be treated equally and fairly. Call it socialism, but when lives are at stake, it is only fair.

xx to you and yours

jothemama said...

Heads in the sand, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

I almost feel sorry for saying this, say you payed your insurance. So? What did you think insurance companies were there for, to take care of you and your loved ones? The insurance COMPANY is doing what it is supposed to: make money for its shareholders and directors. You now cost money and are thus a detriment to the company's purpose, and as such should, by any rational economic thought process be, at the very least, deterred from hindering said company from accomplishing it's stated purpose, ie, making money! Didn't you read the company prospectus?
Sorry, but it's true. Good luck.

ste said...

Yeah, the whole thing must be your fault. Including one of you getting sick in the first place. Clearly, you should only get the illnesses you can afford to treat.

Some people...

Alison Tyler said...

What's been a double-headache for us is that I started having dizzy spells at the start of the year. So it's not just Sam's treatment — but X-rays, scans, and tests for me. This is one of those situations you never think will happen to you.

Until it does.