September 30, 2009

Have you ever...

...just loved a scene in a movie so much that it makes you cry or laugh or cry and laugh whenever you see it? I've got so many different scenes like that. It's probably why I loved working at a retro movie theater so fucking much. Because I could never really watch a whole movie—I had to make the popcorn. But I could catch little snippets here and there. My dream in life—if I ever won the lottery, you know—would be to buy an old movie theater. To turn the lobby into a gallery. To type on my laptop in a corner in the projection room. And to play only my favorite movies.

If you had a theater, what double-feature would you play first?



Heidi Champa said...

I think my first double feature would be Clue and Rocky Horror.

I absolutely adore Tim Curry. Plus, they are fabulous cult classics. If I had a theatre, it would only run cult classics.

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, fabulous! I don't think I've seen Clue since it first came out. (Was that the one with three different endings?) And I've lost count of how many times I've seen RH!

My first time seeing Rocky Horror was in a vintage movie theater. The one I based my book "Melt With You" around. God, I loved that theater! One of my favorite double-features there was Repo Man and Blade Runner. They had a clipboard in the lobby where you could write down your suggestions.

The Mad Max Trilogy which played on New Year's Eve was also a big hit...


Cora Zane said...

Ooh, ooh! Return of the Living Dead and The Hills Have Eyes - Zombies and mutants. *_*


Heidi Champa said...

Yes AT, Clue had three wonderful endings. You should rent it and soon.

Oh, to have enough money for my own theatre. Well, we can dream, can't we?


Alison Tyler said...

I hate to admit it, CZ, but I haven't seen either one! I saw Night of the Living Dead ("They're coming to get you, Barbara... there's one now!") with a boyfriend in high school. Those are two I'll have to add to my must-see list...

And there were actually seven movie theaters in my town when I was little. My favorite was called The Festival, and it was just a hole-in-the-wall theater. Really small. With pillows at the front. And a live-in cat who would come and eat popcorn out of your bowl. I saw all the James Bond movies there. And most of the Hitchcocks.


13messages said...

What a perfect fantasy. We have similar tastes so maybe I'd start with Big Time (Tom Waits) followed by Sign O' The Times (Prince).

ste said...

I always wanted to buy
this place if I won the lottery. Or at least give them money to keep the place open... I don't know if they were still struggling for money by the time I started going, but I wanted to give them money at random anyway. It's a fantastic little place.

My first picks would be Midnight Run and The Untouchables - funny Bobby and gangster Bobby!

Jeremy Edwards said...

After the Fox and What's Up, Doc?.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey, 13. Yay! Thanks so much for making my day! I love Tom Waits. Truly. And what a banging double-feature that'd be. And Ste—oh, man! I adored Midnight Run! And The Untouchables — classic. Totally.

You know, the theater where I set Melt With You actually had a restaurant in the courtyard. The chairs were director-style, with blue canvas backs. Each one had the name of a movie star on the rear. So you'd sit in Marilyn Monroe's or Clark Gable's. There was a bar in the lobby. No lie. And on nights when they didn't play music, there'd be live bands.

The theater is a Border's now. They kept the shell of the building and gutted the interior. Progress. Right?

I had my first date in that theater. Double-feature: 48 Hours and The Blues Brothers. I met my first boyfriend at the theater: Mad Max Trilogy—yup. I heard Lola by the Kinks for the first time there.

Fucking miss the place, I swear.


Alison Tyler said...

Wow, I just did a little research, and there were actually *10* theaters in the town I grew up in. (And it was a really small town.) How amazing is that? Not 10 screens in one theater. But 10 individual movie houses.

And JE, two more to add to my list! Well, of course, I've seen What's Up, Doc? But not the other!


Angell said...

Mine would have to be Casablanca and Stage Door, if we're going vintage.

However, for contemporary - a double bill of Moulin Rouge and Across the Universe would do me quite nicely (and I'd do my date quite nicely after that).

Oh AT - would you have a basket of condoms by the concession stand?

Angel Rivera said...

What a great dream: a theater to write in a play your favorite films. So many things I would play: The Godfather films, the (original) Star Wars trilogy, Patton, the Black Hole (the Disney film, in large measure for its haunting music score), and so many others. Some have been mentioned such as Blade Runner.