September 23, 2009

My Muse Arrived in a Hot Pink Thong

Today, I'm pounding away on a cross-dresser. I mean, a cross-dressing story. See, my muse was here yesterday. I was looking for the last person on the planet who might cross-dress — that is, in my humble opinion. And he arrived on my doorstep to fix our shower. Now, at least on paper, he is wearing a hot-pink thong.

I don't always have a muse. In fact, "muse" is a little too fancy a term for me. Generally, I have a mental Polaroid of a stranger or strangers. Some internal snapshot I've taken and stored in the clutter of my head. But yesterday, my muse arrived in a big rusty pick-up truck, and he was wearing fuchsia lace (at least in my filthy mind).

So here's today's question: Where's your muse? (Up in the shower with the wrench, like mine?)

Or, better yet, who?



jothemama said...

I need some fresh muse meat at the moment.

Anyone looking for a position?

Alison Tyler said...

Wasn't there some picture of a drummer...?


ste said...

I don't really have any muses... but that story sounds very inspiring!

Danielle said...

@ jo need some brazilian muse meat?..:-P

@ alison
i have two muses ...renata who is an ex-girl-friend, serbian with a hot accent and now a great friend since almost 18 years...we stumbled through so many adventures together..and also my muse lina who is an on and off affaire since ages, jewish, part-time lesbian..and who is brave enough to let me write about her and mention even her real anme in my stories..lina woolf a couple of bdsm loving readers would sigh now here in germany..because lina is the maincharacter in almost all my sm stories as well in my sm audio novel "the stable"...
muse no.1 is right now at the gyn...and muse no.2 is travelling russia for studies right now...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Sometimes, when I've been walking around a city and I've noticed various sexy people, I'll bring home a "composite muse" (in my head), who incorporates the specific details that impressed me in the different women. So convenient!

Anonymous said...

I just told Alison Tyler today of how much I enjoy your spontaneity.
Be my muse for the day.
Haha! Fresh muse meat.


neve black said...

I like it when muses just show up on your doorstep - and appropriately dressed too. :-0

Cora Zane said...

Funny you mentioned muse. Mine is revisiting the summer of 1989 today, and my first "kapow" moment at seeing a shirtless guy with rock hard...abs.

He's now a vampire, apparently. Or least, I'm choosing to write-remember him that way.

BTW, tell your muse to save some hot water for the rest of us. ;0)

Heidi Champa said...

I could use a new muse right about now.

Your plumber sounds just about perfect!!

jothemama said...

Actually, Tessa, I found that poem. Must send it to you!

Anonymous said...

By the red-haired poet?
I'd love to read it.

What an effective muse.
I better keep your status longer.

Whose sculpture is that, by the way? The fact you chose an art work to illustrate you will keep your status intact, come to think of it. Happy?