September 21, 2009

Safer Than Sex

When you get bored hearing me rant about the lack of information we were given about Sam's treatment, please feel free to close your eyes. Because damn. Not only is the info difficult to find—nothing is in agreement. There's this: Patients receiving radioiodine treatment are warned not to have sexual intercourse for one month—which differs wildly from the three days, eleven days, and twenty-one days we've also been told.

But I *do* like this nifty factoid: Many airports now have radiation detectors in order to detect the smuggling of radioactive materials that may be used in nuclear weapons manufacture. Patients should be warned that if they choose to travel by air, they may set off radiation detectors at airports up to 95 days after their treatment with 131.

How cool would that be? I mean, can you imagine how the airport employees would treat you if you were setting off their radiation detectors? We're going to pass on the air travel for now. Sam just doesn't think he's up for a full-body strip-search by airport security guards.



Erobintica said...

that t-shirt is awesome

hey, AT, you could write the book

*ducks when overstressed AT throws something*

jothemama said...

My gut instinct would be to go for the month. Bet safe than glowing.

And write an instructive book about having sex from a short distance.

Never Have Radioactive Sex Twice?

ste said...

Yeah, that's one airport security conversation I wouldn't really want to have.

Smut Girl said...

i think he needs to corner a sexy doctor, get her in a man-grip and how soon from treatment would you fuck me?

i mean, come on, people! is the assumption that a couple would not want to fuck just because someone is/was sick? obviously these medical folks have never come to hang out in smutland. ;)

glad he's not beeping. as much.


Alison Tyler said...

It's crazy. I swear. There is so much conflicting information out there. As far as we can tell, he received a dose that isn't even mentioned in the UK literature — it's that high. And yet some of the US info basically says, "Go ahead and fuck. What could happen?"

Um. I don't know. That's what we'd like to find out.


Anonymous said...

'Sam just doesn't think he's up for a full-body strip-search by airport security guards.'

Hmmm. Not even by a team of cute women with soft hands?