September 26, 2009

Saturday Crave

Okay, first I should say that my internet was down all fucking day yesterday. Which meant I had to leave the house to get away from the computer. Because it was mocking me. "Oh, do you want to check your email, you addict?" Swear to god, my computer is a girl. And she's a bitch. Anyway, we've made up. She's working again. Sort of. Slowly. So if I go among the missing — well, I'm wrestling some wires to the ground.

Now, I can tell you what's really on my mind. Well, what's left of my mind. See, I think I've lost it a bit. Because I have this craving for a new outfit. (Yeah. I know. All our $$ are going to medical bills right now. What right do I have to spend money on clothes and boots? Even mental money? None. Shhh.)

I think I've lost it because the outfit I'm craving is nothing like me. Nothing like anything I've ever worn. Well, the boots are. Can we all just bow down to those boots for a moment? But here's the thing—these are boots I might wear with skinny cords. You know? Not with the rest of the outfit I have in my mind, which is: a concert t-shirt. One of my vintage ones. Threadbare. Barely there. A Rolling Stones tee? Maybe. A Pink Floyd. You know the type. And tights. Opaque tights. I've been a tights girl my whole life. Whenever the colors come back in style, I buy them by the pound. So you've got the start, right? Boots, a concert tee, cobalt tights. And... a tiny little lycra skirt. That's the kicker. I want a band-aid of a skirt.

I told this to Georgia. She went online and found me a respectable mini skirt. I countered with this one.

"THAT's NOT A SKIRT!" she insisted. "It's a hiccup of fabric. It's not even there!"

Yeah. I know. But that's what I want. Oh, and I want to wear the outfit with a whole lot of Bad Girl black kohl eyeliner, and my favorite Russet Moon glossy red lipstick. Just so you have the whole picture in your mind.

Maybe it's because we have not had sex in nearly a month. Maybe it's because inside I really wish I'd been one of those tough chicklets who wore the heavy black eyeliner and hung out behind the gym with the stoners. Whatever the reason, that's my crave.

What's yours?



Danielle said... your idea of a new outfit..especially since i have a lot of old tour shirts myself....and i love georgia too..but i hate the skirt she picked..first..for the kind of outfit you discribe the skirt is not short enough..mid-tight-lenght please..and its not tight enought..its way too no no..thats not a skirt for alison tyler...

i crave a ring..i wnat to buy a ring since a while..a big heavy silver ring..but too hard to finde..i have huge hands and thick fingers...and those lil mofo rings are never bigger then size 70...

Alison Tyler said...

You lost me at huge hands...



Danielle said...

why did i lost you? you dislike big hands? i mean..i cant change it..i m 6, 3 tall..would look dumb if i had small hands..^^



neve black said...

I think honestly, my crave is to see you in that outfit you described - sounds wonderfully sublime to me.

jothemama said...

Danielle, have you looked at lovinganvil on etsy?

I think custom made is what you're looking for.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey Danielle — I meant my train of thought derailed. I love big hands!

You're so sweet, Neve.

And Jo — LovingAnvil's rings are divine! I am wearing two stacked right now: Vixen and Trollop.


Danielle said...

@ jo

no didnt knew that shop but i have to check it..:-)

@ at

ah i got you..i undertsand you i mean..before it sounded like " you lost me at stamp collection"...^^

Danielle said...

@ neve..of course has the hottest always!

jothemama said...

It's all the Jerry McGuire conditioning. You need her to say you had her at big hands.

I so wish I was independently wealthy and you could answer the door tomorrow to a little man in a van who'd hang you an outfit bag and a big box...

Fuck it, you should just do it. If you're going to be in debt for thousands of stupid health care dollars, what's an extra couple hundred to keep yourself and Sam happy? If he can't touch you he needs something nice to worship from afar!

Alison Tyler said...

Oooh, you're a bad influence, Jo. Like I need *another* Devil on my shoulder saying, "Buy it! Buy it!



Cora Zane said...

The boots. The eyeliner. *_* Do it. Do it. Do it! I agree with Jo. What is $150 on an outfit and makeup when considering what one glow pill costs?

I've actually been looking for a perfect(ly cheap) pair of Demonia buckle up platform boots. They show up in my size from time to time on eBay - which is where they'll have to come from if I want a pair. Meh.

And hey, speaking of dark eyeliner... Check out the smudgy dark look for fall at MAC:

I covet those dark eyes. Of course, MAC isn't necessary to get it. I've just discovered the gel pot eyeliners. And glitter liners. Hard Candy in Lace full of awesome for $6.00.

Oh gee. Sorry I've gone all girly on your blog. I didn't mean to, I just have a thing for makeup. I get excited just thinking about the makeup aisle at the drug store. ~_~'

At any rate, fab idea for a new outfit. Now that we're all dolled up, where are we gonna go?

Danielle said...

@ a and cora

please please much black stuff around the eyes as possible..i so love that on women...smoky eyes turn on

ste said...

crikey, those boots are fantastic.

ok, off the top of my head... these.

your fault ;)