September 24, 2009

Yes, I'm Addicted everything from checking my Amazon stats to surfing online for boots with buckles. But I've stepped back a bit in the past week, and I missed a few emails. Mostly this is due to the chaos that has overtaken our household. But some is due to the fact that I cut myself a wee little bit of slack. Anyway, here is an email I received that was meant to follow my Addicted post, um, a week ago!

I have an addictive personality, & once I love the thrill, the taste, the smell, the experience of something, that's it. I'm hooked! I crave it!

Although, with this, & all, addictions there's something secretive about it. A hidden vice. Only a handful of people know about my weakness. A solitary past-time, which encompasses my being.

The delight in watching it burn, after hearing the click of the zippo shutting. Crisp, clear, final. Like the snap of virgin handcuffs enslaving the willing victim to the bed.

The lingering smell, encicirling my senses. The rich warmth of the Marlboro filling the air around me, swirling, trapping. A trap that I never want to be freed from!


If *you* meant to share an addiction, but missed the opportunity—here's your chance! We're all listening. And we promise not to share your secret with anyone else.



jothemama said...

Ha, I was just boot surfing in the endless, fruitless quest for the Ones.

That just don't seem to exist right now.

I think I'll keep trying with Zappo though.

The thing is, I think I'm a ha;f size. Usually a (euro) five is grand, but I've really wide little feet. So it's hard to know what's going to fit. And I just tried on good boots yesterday, buit the five was too small and the six was too big. And the gorgeous purple corduroy gathered skirt looked crappy on.

I fear I'm an ugly sister!

But it's just as well as I have No Money. Disguised Blessings.

Alison Tyler said...

Okay, stop. You are fucking beautiful. I am going to write a whole post for you in a moment. Cord skirts are impossible.