September 24, 2009

You Rock

Okay, so the other day—on one of my worst days ever—a lady who was about sixty stopped me to compliment my hair:

She said, "My son and I were just sitting in the car talking about you."
"You were?"
"And how your hair color totally suits you."
This was a total stranger, who came up to me in a parking lot. I stammered, "Thanks a lot," and she went on to say, "My son loves it when young women, like yourself, let their natural hair color show through."
"Your silver really looks so lovely."
"And on someone so young..."

I could go on. Because she went on. I swear this was a fairy sent down to help me out of my funk. I mean, she called me a "young woman" at least twelve times. "My son's forty," she said, "and he just wanted you to know how good you looked."

All right then. I'm lousy at accepting compliments. But I graciously accepted hers and went on with the rest of my day, you know, beaming.

So Jo, get ready. I'm going to compliment the fuck out of you. And you'd better be gracious. I don't know why you feel like an "ugly sister." But you're not. I fully believe there is beauty in everyone—the way I believe each story has a reader. But you have to see the beauty first. You have to find those things you like about yourself and embrace them. Fuck the purple cord skirt. A different skirt is going to look aces on you. Or pants. Or boots. Something will call out to you—from a thrift store, even—and you'll feel all rock star in it.

But first off, take it easy on yourself. That is my latest mantra. I mean, cut yourself some slack. There is no such thing as an "ugly sister" here. At least, not when this trollop's in town.


P.S. Love the description of this card: So I got your mix tape, it kinda rocked my world. The fact that you included The Smiths, The Cure makes me all warm inside, however this may not show on my sullen, depressed face. Oh and I also love Kate Bush by the way; just don't tell any of my friends.


Danielle said...



you deserve fairies..lots of :-)

jothemama said...


Heh, if you could see me now in my skanky gap top and PMS skin... I love the internet ;)

riendo said...

it took me a while but your gift is done...
I wanted to send it to you today but I first want to take a photo of it for memory.
But it will be going out tomorrow,if all goes well.
Let me know when you receive it.
I hope you like it.:)

Thomas Roche said...

You do have lovely hair.

I absolutely adore the card at the top of this post. If I squee'd, I would squee.

I don't squee.

But if I did.

This would do it.

That is all.