October 20, 2009

Fuck Yeah

Can't you totally see me wearing this? And when Sam butts up against me in the kitchen, and starts whispering dirty things to me, like, "You're such a little slut, aren't you?" I simply lift my shirt and flash the message on the belt... More on this scenario to come.

I had this dream last night where I was throwing a party. And a woman I know named Jenny called up and tried to edit my event. No joke. She wanted to add a four-mile bicycle ride to what was supposed to be a fancy cocktail party. Outdoors, on a veranda we don't actually have, with black-and-white tiles and pretty silver twinkling lights. Wisteria blossoms and pink champagne. When I told her as politely as possible that she could have the Tour de France at *her* party, but not mine, she said she would "Reluctantly agree to attend."

And I hesitated, somewhat gobsmacked, and then I told her, "You don't reluctantly attend, you reluctantly decline. Let me make this easy for you. I will decline for you."

"But I *do* want to come," she insisted.

"Unfortunately, I no longer am inviting you," I replied.

I woke up feeling fantastic. In a very, very "fuck yeah" sort of mood.


P.S. There was something so Robocop about the scene in my dream. Do you remember? "I'm not arresting you anymore."


Jo said...

Oh god. I REALLY hope that dream is not about me.

Fuck Yeah is fuck hot though.

You need to get it on a big fatstamp and get some silk screen paint and emblazon it on all your panties. And on Sam...

Shanna Germain said...

Oooh, belt! My belt! :)

And, yes, yes, let's have a panty-painting party! Wouldn't that be fun?!

Mine would say "Your hand goes here"

Or maybe "Your Fuck Yeah belt goes here."


Jo said...

heh heh heh. Perfect.

Raven said...

Oh that belt is divine. For so many reasons.