October 05, 2009

A is for "A-Mazingly Erotic"

I swear if I keep reading these erotic collections so fast I'm going to explode with the internal sexual pressure. I've long given up trying to read short erotic stories on my break during my two minute siestas throughout the day. No, once I get my teeth into a good erotic anthology (like this one) I don't slack my jaws until I'm done. If this book would have been any longer I might have gotten lockjaw. My favorites:

All About Us
The Blonde in 1812
Parker's Mustache - my favorite
Sharing the Love
My Sometimes Girlfriend

Love, love, love Jason Frost!


P.S. Still having computer difficulties. Wish me luck!


Twinkie said...

Oooh! Jason is the man! Every book he's recommended to me I've loved! I'll need to pick this one up now! Thanks a lot, Jason. You're costing me a LOT of money!

rubiconreader said...

:-) Sorry (not really)! Let me know and I can mail this one to you as well... I'm all about women reading erotica! Hell, I'm all about women... period! LOL!!

Danielle said...

i m sure j frost loves you too!:-)

rubiconreader said...

Danielle, Jason loves Alison VERY much! :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

A is for ... Academy Award goes to Jason!

Danielle said...

@ jason

sure you do..dont we all?

Alison Tyler said...

Aw, you guys all made me blush...


rubiconreader said...

You guys rock! Would you do me a favor is possible please? If you liked the video would you vote "yes" on Amazon.com? I'm working on getting my reviewer ranking up and you guys have been very kind and flattering with your comments. :-)