October 12, 2009

"obsessed with spanking. . . "

I have to laugh. Every so often, you get a review that is worthy of repeating—even a bad one. And I woke up to one with the final line: "And I think whoever compiled these was obsessed with spanking. . . " I can't disagree with that. In fact, I'm fully embracing it! Right now, I'm working on a brand-new spanking story. Well, spanking plus more, of course. Voyeurism. Exhibitionism. Dirty roommate swapping. Sass has currently sold more than 100 copies (20+ PDFs and 80+ Kindles). And Casual Spank Day has sold 10. This month. So I know that other people are obsessed, as well.

What's funny is that the review focuses on one of my sweeter, softer, more accessible anthologies. *Snort* I guess I need to reread the book! "We are not into violence, cheating, or things like that. . . I mean, we like to be a little naughty, but come on." Gosh. I guess even when I'm soft, I'm hard. See, I bring kink to any collection. Not intentionally, mind you. That's how my brain works.

I know a few of you have favorite lines from not-so good reviews. Anyone want to share?


P.S. I'm loving what Cora Zane said about reviews awhile back: I'm not trying to reach everyone, just reach like-minded souls.~~Stobie Piel Awesome.

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