October 14, 2009

"too many lusty stories"


The Rubicon Reader does it again! Jason Frost just reviewed His: 30 Erotic Tales Written Just for Him.

No one gets in my way when I'm reading erotica... NO ONE! As par for an Alison Tyler edited work, there are too many lusty stories in 'His' to pick my Top 5. They are all very good and aberrantly sexual. While this is an extremely erotic collection of stories, the last story alone is worth the price of this book! Matter of fact I'm going to read it again once I finish this review... bye.

If you like the review, please click over to Amazon and answer "Yes" to the "was this review helpful?" query. Jason's trying to raise his Amazon reviewer rankings!



T. Harrison said...

I luv these! Too funny and I quite flattering, I imagine :)

rubiconreader said...

Thank you T. Harrison! I really enjoy having fun making these. And Alison... you are a sexy doll!

Thomas Roche said...

Aww... so nice to hear this. W00t!

pierre l said...

I have voted for the review and ordered the book.