November 01, 2009

Bangles and Baubles and Diamonds — oh my!

Before the dream fades completely out of my head—I have to write it down. I dreamt I had written a term paper on jewels. My premise was that there are three different types: the first was the diamond sort (astronomically expensive), the second were dime-store quality (mass-produced, glittery), the last type I called Ramonas. Truly. These were one-of-a-kind pieces you could find at flea markets or thrift stores or estate sales. Ones that nobody else would have.

The paper was written in my neat and tiny handwriting from high school. Not the crazy-messy style I claim now. The paper received an initial grade of 84%, but was bumped to 110%. The trio of graders included in their comments pictures of "Ramonas" they'd seen on the street. The drawings were exquisite and showed that I had proven my point. A "Ramona" did not have to be valuable in order to be priceless.

The funniest comment I received was one asking why I had used so many expletives in a paper about jewelry.

Okay, off for some coffee while I await your expert dream analysis. Back later with a fabulous example of how a white lie bit me in the ass.


P.S. Ivory Bubbles Cocktail Ring is by TZTUDIO.


Confidant said...

Adorable dream account! Note that "Ramonas" is an anagram of "a ransom."

Alison Tyler said...

You're so cool, Confidant. I love people who know how to fuck with words!

And I kept seeing the name Ramona today. Was the strangest thing!


Alison Tyler said...

P.S. When I said "fuck with" — I meant "make love to" — honestly. Stroke, caress, canoodle and play with. Confidant, you work your magic with words so well!

Jo said...

I want a Ramona for my wedding ring! You know I lost mine.

And as per my husband's request, we walked back down the aisle to 'Baby, I love you'.

Jeremy Edwards said...

So I was checking out a vintage radio broadcast this evening ... and in the course of the program, Jack Benny clenches a rose between his teeth and gets referred to as "Ramona Benny" (a now-obscure film joke, I guess).

You have far-reaching dreams, AT!