November 08, 2009

Blue Sky Sideways

I am an avid rewriter. Many of my stories have 12 or more versions. I tend to block in the framework and build from there. My word of choice is "layering." However, once a house—I mean, a story—is done, I rarely visit. Generally, I'm consumed by the next structure. Which is why I've been loathe to excavate my old files. I'd always rather start something new than blow the dust off the old.

Yet I've received a handful of requests for older titles. What I'm calling "Vintage Alison Tyler." See, way back in the 90s, I penned a slew of titles for Masquerade Books:

The Blue Rose
The Virgin
Dial "L" for Loveless
Dark Room
Venus Online
The Silver Key
Bondage on a Budget
Girls on the Go, ed.
Batteries Not Included, ed.
Blue Sky Sideways

Now, I'm working to add the books to my Kindle/PDF list. But this means (for the most part), revisiting. And honestly, I'm a little scared. Then I found this mini-review of Blue Sky Sideways this morning:

Get this book! It messes with your head in the most pleasant of ways.

And I've decided to pull out the dust rag and see what I find. This was my first single-author collection. An honor for a writer as green as I was when the book first came out. I'll let you know when the collection goes live!


P.S. Gorgeous choker is called currency and is from Smashing.


Nikki Magennis said...

Blue Sky Sideways - what a fabulous title. Also, it's fascinating to hear more about your writing process, Alison.

Alison Tyler said...

Hey NM,

That title came to me in my sleep.

Much better than a title for a novel I wrote down once in the middle of the night. Well, not just the title. I had the whole story in my mind, but I told myself that if I wrote down the title, I'd remember the rest.

I woke up all excited to discover a single word: Calypso.

No fucking clue what the book was to be about.


Jeremy Edwards said...

An erotic Jacques Cousteau story, perhaps? ; )

Very cool that you're reissuing vintage AT!

juliett said...


The Virgin was the first book of yours that I discovered and I've been hooked on you ever since. It is to this day one of my all time favorites.


Jo said...

Ooh, claps handies!

Danielle said...

@ juliett
what a great compliment!

Jo said...

I love the dream thing. My husband once dreamed he'd found a lost Beatles song. but it was gone, gonewhen he woke up.

But the best was a column I read in the paper about a man dreaming about having a fight with his boss, and thinking of the best come back he could imagine. It was witty, and cutting and won him the argument hands down. It was so good he woke up and wrote it down. Next morning, he jumped up to see what it was, and on his notebook were the words

'And the same to you!'

Alison Tyler said...

Hey Juliett—thank you so much! The Virgin was a blast to write—I still think of doing a sequel sometime. I liked Adam a lot.

And Jo—that's too funny! There was a Seinfeld episode like that, too. Jerry wrote down funniest joke of all time on paper in middle of the night. And then could not read his writing in the a.m.


Danielle said...

i m like that the twillightzone between sleep and beeing awake i " write" and plan whole stories..believing i remember then later on ...but when i wake they are gone..all i remember then is that they where there..but not at all what they were about

Saskia Walker said...

Oh yes, you definitely have to make those titles available!

Mmm, Calypso... I hear Suzanne Vega washing over me. :) We should make it our duty to help you pull the memory back.