November 02, 2009

An Ensemble of Excellence

An ensemble of excellence!

By I Can Read

"Hurts so Good" is packed full of excellent stories with varying themes. Even better, it includes stories from several of my favorite writers! My favorite stories from this anthology would have to be "Panty Lines" by Sommer Marsden - the building eroticism in this story is delicious; and "Sting" by Jessica Lennox - a surprise encounter at a tattoo parlor leaves a young woman painfully aroused.

I can't think of a single anthology edited by Alison Tyler that I haven't enjoyed, and this one is no different! Well done!


P.S. Vintage Romance Magnets are called Love Hurts So Good.


Smut Girl said...

yay, super nice it made my day! :) and that is what we call a true story!

Alison Tyler said...

I love when reviews pinpoint fave stories. Especially, because most hit different ones. Which proves that each story resonates with unique readers. I love that!


Angell said...

Excellent review - and I love the magnets!